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  1. fred1diver

    Outboard size

    Hey everyone my lehr 5hp just blew a seal and the mechanic tells me it wont be easy to find so I’m looking at other outboards on the market, my yacht club told me they have 3 for sale, a 15, a 20 and a 40. I know the 20 and the 40 will definitely be too big, but will a 15 4 stroke be good or...
  2. fred1diver

    Cooler insulation

    Hey everyone I’m getting ready to insulate my cooler on my g26, what foam and what thickness would you recommend?
  3. fred1diver

    jib downhaul

    hey everyone, after a few outings I noticed I need a downhaul for my jib, now I know I need enough line to go from the top of the forestay and back to the cockpit, but how do I rig this???
  4. fred1diver

    Head problem

    Hey everyone I installed a new head on Cool Whip but it doesn’t pump water in? There is no seacock just a thru hull, I checked the vented loop and it is good vut no water to the bowl, what am I missing???
  5. fred1diver

    finally done the work, splashing in on Wednesday morning

    just finished painting under the supports today, checked and fixed the last of the electrical gremlins, new head, new plumbing, new bilge pump, new cushions, new settees, new windows new batteries and many more. next year I'll tackle the eye candy aspect of her, but for this year I'm pretty much...
  6. fred1diver

    methyl hydrate

    hi everyone, quick question, I can't find alcohol for my stove, would methyl hydrate be a good substitute ? if not what do you all recommend?
  7. fred1diver

    best way to clean a water tank?

    hey everyone, getting ready for splashing the boat, just changer the water pump/faucet to electric, and changed all the hoses at the same time, the old hoses were black from sitting for the last 7 years, what would be the correct way to sanitize the water tank and system? thinking about putting...
  8. fred1diver

    almost ready for splash in

    after over a year of working on the boat, she's almost ready for boat's in on June 2nd. all I have left is to connect the batteries to the electrical panel, which I'm waiting for parts to do, I should get them this week and finalize the jobs to do on the boat. only a few minor jobs will be left...
  9. fred1diver

    looking at batteries, I know it's been asked before but...

    I'm looking at batteries, old style lead acid. I'm thinking about going to golf cart batteries, but I'm wondering what kind of chargers they need. I will obviously put 2 in series, but will my 12 volt charger do the trick or do I need a 6v double battery charger? for the price I want to get...
  10. fred1diver

    Dock lines Q’s

    Hey everyone with the boat launch coming soon I noticed I’m lacking dock lines on my 26fter. what length do I need and how many lines considering I don’t have mid ship cleats? thanks in advance
  11. fred1diver

    interlux water tite

    hey everyone, about to reseal my keel to hull joint, anyone ever use this product, the info on the can is limited to mix 1:1, a lot of safety info but no application info, curing time... any idea if this will be good to fair the keel at the same time? any help will be appreciated
  12. fred1diver

    electrical almost completely done

    hey everyone quick update on my progress. the 120v circuit is done and up to code, everything works, a simple circuit but it's done the 12v circuit is almost completed, all that is left is the bilge pump circuit and the aux2 switch (not sure what to plug on it so I might leave it empty for now...
  13. fred1diver

    cleaning a marine head

    Any tips and tricks to cleaning an overdue disaster of a head, the PO didn't clean it and the boat has been on the hard for the last 5-7 years, so it's crusted on, what cleaner should I use and which should I avoid? I'm thinking about getting Peggie's book to help with all that, but I need to...
  14. fred1diver

    good morning's work on the boat

    Hey everyone, just spent the morning on the boat tackling a few projects, the PO had installed a bracket on the transom, basic U shape with a bolt through it, filled the holes and made some holes to install the swim ladder, also installed a backing plate (¾ marine plywood) letting the six10 dry...
  15. fred1diver

    minimum screw size

    hey everyone, I picked up a swim ladder for Cool Whip this winter and I'm wondering what the minimum screw size would be to hold her on my transom? would 4 #10 screws be sufficient or should I go bigger?
  16. fred1diver

    There’s a hole in my boat

    But I’m the one who made it. Decided that instead of replacing the through hull for the overboard discharge I’ll just glass it instead and since the old knot meter was there I decided to make a bigger patch while at it! Wish me luck, never attempted such a big project with glass/epoxy.
  17. fred1diver

    mast wiring q's

    hey everyone, just came back from the boat yard, the boat is finally free of snow and ice, went inside and all is looking good, less than a cup of water inside, so no mold, yé. now I was planning on fishing the new coax using the old one but the wind managed I don't know how to slowly but...
  18. fred1diver

    simple question, about spinnakers

    never had a spinnaker on my boats, I hear you guys talking about symmetrical and asymmetrical spins, what is the main difference and why the difference?
  19. fred1diver

    propane tank holder

    hey everyone, starting to thaw out from the winter, or at least I wish we were... just planning some work on the boat and I started thinking about mounting a 20# propane tank on the transom but not sure how. I could use a 1# tank and make a pic holder, but I will need propane for both the Bbq...
  20. fred1diver

    Masthead real estate

    Hey everyone, spring is slowly coming so I’m getting ready to tackle more projects before splashing the boat, my question is how do you fit everything on the masthead? I have the antenna, the anchor light and windex For the windex I was thinking about getting the model that fits on the antenna...