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  1. JRT

    Fuel delivery issue

    Hey Fleet, give me a call. Been traveling and busy at work. I'm almost certain you need to fill the tank like Tom and KZW said.
  2. JRT

    Surveys are a waste of money

    I think it comes down to each person's risk acceptance level and personal financial situation. Never did a survey for my O'Day 25, but it was a $2,500 boat and I felt it was fine to learn on. We bought our 310, no survey either, but I found to boat history here on SBO since new from 1st owner...
  3. JRT

    New toilet and holding tank system

    So if you remove the macerator, I would add a length of hose to the valve that use to connect to it that was above the water line, just in case. Otherwise you are talking remove the valve, glass the hole up, fill and paint.
  4. JRT

    New toilet and holding tank system

    I'd skip the tank replacement unless you have seen an issue or damage. Also I'd keep a macerator too, you never know it might be needed down the line.
  5. JRT

    Mainsail slug replacement

    Awesome to hear Fleet! Sailcare took care of my sails this year and I was pleased with the results.
  6. JRT

    Should I run away, find out more, or jump on this? Catalina 30

    Cool, that bilge won't bother me, the bolts look very long like replacement but I'm not a 30 owner. My 310 are maybe 2-3 threads above the nut. I also doubt very much water accumulated from the dripless either, that rate sounds right but I'd want to see a manual for the manufacturer of it...
  7. JRT

    Should I run away, find out more, or jump on this? Catalina 30

    No idea, but for me a 30' boat is a big boat and comes with big boat cost no matter if it is $5k or $500k. There are just big ticket cost, hauling, raising/lowering the mast, slip fees, etc. I went down this path when we decied to move up from a 25' to our 310. We went much newer and ready to...
  8. JRT

    Our 2003 C310!

    We finally hosted nonfamily on RoseLeigh over the holiday weekend. As usual I took no photos so got these from our friends. Was a great day sail and handled some gusts to 15 as we sailed to our anchor spot for lunch. We motored backed after everyone enjoyed lunch and drinks on the hook...
  9. JRT

    Exhaust hose replacement

    I know, just me, I know how all my hose projects go an the idea of a hole I have to leave open is just me
  10. JRT

    Odd Discharge

    Sure, do you have the owners, operating and maintenance manuals that are specific to your motor?
  11. JRT

    Exhaust hose replacement

    Oh man that would freak me out to do that on the water
  12. JRT

    Show us your spinnaker

    Need more practice so still learning how to use our code 0
  13. JRT

    Odd Discharge

    Plus it is just fun to punch it wide open for a bit! I had my daughter practice this weekend with punching her wide open to get use to the changes that happen.
  14. JRT

    Universal M25-XP Overheat Issue - Followup

    I had a similar issue the first time I changed my impeller, my overheat was always the impeller. Also I have always had water flow very soon after startup. You also might keep an eye on the impeller as I messed one up fast with it jammed/not turning correctly.
  15. JRT

    Raytheon ST6000+ Auto Pilot

    Mine spun when the belt tension was not correct.
  16. JRT

    Exhaust hose replacement

    Jezz, every 5 years, seems a bit excessive. We put less then 50hrs each year on the lake with our use. I checked them in 2019 and they looked new (engine hours were just over 600) so guess I need to look at them next time out.
  17. JRT

    Odd Discharge

    Did you verify the oil is not foamy by checking the dip stick? I'd check it cold when you get to the boat, then start her up and warm up to operation temp, 160 to 170 is where my engine stays, turn off and check it hot. Here is some pics of my engine and correct hose placement...
  18. JRT

    AC Condensate Drain Oprion

    Great post, my setup is identical but my drain is the fwd bilge. I'll look at the drain pain closer now for sure.
  19. JRT

    AC Condensate Drain Oprion

    I would not leave the AC running unattended with the intake value below the waterline either. The domestic product would not sink the boat, that intake value open would with a hose or pump failure. The PO of my boat installed a product like this...
  20. JRT

    Catalina 310 line drawing appeal?

    @SV At Last perfect, loved to see pics for sure!