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  1. JRT

    Catalina 310 line drawing appeal?

    Any sources you all like or recommend?
  2. JRT

    I cheated today

    Saw this in my inbox and asked for the price sheet. Don't tell may 310... Not a normal fan of Cats but this looks really interesting. I can't call it beautiful but does have a sporty look and really good layout.
  3. JRT

    A week in Jamaica

    Got away with wife last week to Sandals Royal Caribbean, great trip in this crazy time. The country and resort took Covid-19 prevention serious and we felt very comfortable and safe. Did some hobie cat sailing, the wind was nice and consistent in direction which was a big change for us lake...
  4. JRT

    Temp range?

    Last year, our first for the 310, my engine temp was rock solid at 170 until we hit high temps in the summer and would go as high as 180. This year so far it is sticking a bit under 180. I've checked the strainer and it is clean. Fresh water boat whole life, 670 hours, water pump up graded and...
  5. JRT

    Wasps in the bilge

    So I seem to kill several wasps in our boat everytime we go out. I find them under the sole when I pull up the center board, I've sealed up the hatch boards pretty much with window foam so I don't think that is the source. Over the winter wasps have used my main sail to hide under and I've...
  6. JRT

    Heat shrink solder connectors

    I saw these and thought they looked interesting and useful. Any comments or issues?
  7. JRT

    First race of 2020 this Saturday!

    I'm starting out the new year right and pushing to get out to as many race events as possible. Our first event is this weekend and as usual the wind predictions are showing 6-8 knots with gusts to 18-20 knots. We sail in these conditions fine, but usually just Jib only and no main. I'm short...
  8. JRT

    Best way to get data inside cabin

    I was working from my Catalina 310 last week and the wind was howling and raining. I have the original Raymarine ST 60 wind, tridata and autopilot instruments and they are all working great so don't plan to replace any time soon. I was thinking I would love to have the wind and tridata in the...
  9. JRT

    Catalina Direct now has the 310 listed!

    Maybe it was all those parts I ordered since last year but I really appreciate seeing our 310 listed vs using "other" I'm not sure when this happened either. Still for the record I really do cross shop and support SBO, to me the...
  10. JRT

    Code Zero Rigging recommendations

    I have a new code zero coming end of Feb for my Cataline 310 and am looking at how I'll rig it. I already have an spin halyard, but nothing else since this boat has never been sailed with a spin of any kind. My sheets will run aft of the jib winches, the normal setup on other 310s is install...
  11. JRT

    Code Zero TWA

    While I really want a full set of new sails, the reality is I have a lot of improvements to work on. I do think after our first season with the 310 I really need a lite air sail. The recommendations so far are code zero or cruising spin. The code zero says can be used up to 45 deg TWA, cruise...
  12. JRT

    Cold Weather Sailing Prep - Alabama

    The hold my beer state has decided that we will go from 70s to a freeze warning in less the 24 hrs, so fall is done and winter is here. We usually don't sail in 40-50s but next weekend is the annual Great River Race and Abby and I have to defend our 2nd place finish from last year. We are...
  13. JRT

    Raritan PHII leak at Dry/Flush

    I've noticed some dripping water from the underside forward edge of the dry/flush switch. I know this head has not received any PM in the past several years and I did replace the joker valve already which corrected the backflow to the head I was seeing. I see this rebuild kit below and see...
  14. JRT

    Outhaul to cockpit

    Has anyone brought the outhaul to the cockpit? Any pics and part list would be appreciated.
  15. JRT

    Cockpit table leg

    I fixed my table leg today but whenit is folded up seems too long and the table doesn't sit flush to the wheel mount. Is this normal or is my leg too long?
  16. JRT

    Outside hatch locks

    I now have 2 of the twist hatch locks broken. These are the ones on all the cockpit lockers, propane lockers and sliding hatch. Anyone know where to get them? I like the way they function and would perfer to replace with the same ones.
  17. JRT

    Need Stern Measurement details

    Can anyone take some quick measurements for installing boat name and hailing port on the stern for me? 'd like to place an or today before leave and want to try make the name port large enough but not too big to fit on stern. I want it on the lower part of the stern been the propane locker...
  18. JRT

    USB at the Helm

    Has anyone looked at a USB solution at the Helm of the C310? I use Navionics App on my phone but the battery gets low within 5 hours or so. My Navpod is only sized for the 3 instruments, so no additional room. I know there are threads on this I was mostly curious to see specific C310...
  19. JRT

    Catalina C310 3rd most popular Catalina on SBO

    I find looking at the statistics interesting that the top 3 boats on SBO under Catalina Forum are: Catalina 22, 3,667 Discussions, 42,651 Messages Catalina 30, 2,930 Discussions, 23,038 Messages Catalina 310, 1,721 Discussions, 16, 863 Messages Not very scientific, but interesting too look at...
  20. JRT

    Light Air Sailing C310

    I was reading this article as I am still thinking of a new sail for our C310, what is the C310 owners go to light air sail? what are your conditions and location too. I'm lake locked for the next 5-10 years and we have a lot of weekend with light air, I learned love our old drifter on our...