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    Maine Sail update

    There have been some excellent advances in stroke recovery, may Rodd benefit from them all and get back to health sooner than expected. This is indeed sad and disturbing news, may he rebound remarkably. My prayers are with him and his family. Thank you for the updates. dj
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    I understand the SSB has difficulties in the Indian Ocean, but otherwise it seems to have world wide coverage - a bit old school but still a solid performer. There does seem to be a new sat phone type that may be quite attractive. I'm researching that a bit. Hahaha - for sure - but getting...
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    Never heard of it. Got a link? dj p. s. Just looked it up. Looks interesting for land based travelers, I'd imagine it to be similar to the cellular based hot spot type devices talked about above. Doesn't solve the problem. I'm looking for which is ocean internet coverage beyond the cell towers...
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    Well, I made a $800 mistake by flipping the little switch on the engine on panel.

    Way more modern and fancy than any sailboat I've ever owned... Do you know what kind of fire extinguishing material was released? What kind of engine do you have? Gasoline or diesel? dj
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    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    @HeatherE Now there's one heck of a fine offer! @Ken Cross too bad you're on the west coast.... I'd put you to work out here... ;) dj
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    360 Vancouver Island 2022 Cruise

    John, I am most definitively interested! I may even be retired by then and not have a bloody schedule!!!!! We'll see how the finances on that one work out! dj
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    I have a verizon MiFi that works pretty well. It is essentially a cell phone but it's only job is to be a hot spot. I've found it works better then my cell phone that has the hot spot capability. I have an unlimited data package on all my cell phones and on my MiFi. However, that MiFi only...
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    Turnbuckles - Navtec "Rigging screw" vs Open-Body

    If I were changing rigging, I'd also change the turnbuckles. No comment on what type to use, but I'd change turnbuckles with the rigging. Just my 2 cents worth. dj
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    Poker run

    A few weeks ago I was watching a "Poker" run up on Lake Champlain. Man, talk about loud! I don't know how many boats were involved but maybe in the 30's or 40's range. I swear, there was likely more fuel consumed on that day than I've probably consumed in my entire sailing career! dj
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    Charging a NORCOLD SCQT 6406 with refrigerant

    @Bolander Also curious - I don't have this problem.... yet.... (knock on wood)... dj
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    A story from TomY's back yard

    I bet Virginia doesn't use that app... dj
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    A story from TomY's back yard

    Hope I'm that active at that age! dj
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    Seems what you are talking about above is a bit different concept. I completely agree this is an age old concept, perhaps summarized in this 19th century poem: The net of law is spread so wide, No sinner from its sweep may hide. Its meshes are so fine and strong, They take in every child of...
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    Another Anchorage Gone

    @jon hansen Interesting article. It is aimed at the Pacific coast however, and @RoyS is on the Atlantic coast. Is this the same problem on the East coast? I don't know, but I do know that there can be differences from one side to another. If anyone knows more about this, I'd like to hear...
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    @capta It's the new age: convict in social media; in the news; make it a "story" and who cares about the real information. It's just sell "news",; find the angle to "pull on the heart strings" and create a new "reality" type show... Play it over and over until it's no longer making money, or -...
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    As in all fields - not just in marine surveyors - there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Find a good surveyor and they are fantastic! I have learned an enormous amount from listening to knowledgeable surveyors! After a certain level of boat value, get a surveyor. I've no idea what that...
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    How's Your Bottom Doing These Days ?

    The other problem is even if they are dead, it doesn't clean you bottom. Dead does not mean gone. Cleaning the bottom is removing growth. Not exactly related to alive or dead. dj
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    Try it and report back. I'd be interested in learning more. Just a factoid: solar hot water systems were among the earliest successful solar installations we used to do back in the '70's when going off grid was a thing to do. Simple, robust, inexpensive and worked pretty reliably. Of course...
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    We complain about working on our boats now, asking how did the original builders ever think about doing work on this or that system down the road? Most of us have been there, that tank that was put in while the top of the boat was not attached yet; that hose line that runs in a way you can't...
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    How's Your Bottom Doing These Days ?

    @sail sfbay you must have missed to original post, it was @fstbttms that called out @Ralph Johnstone on the number of years stating no bottom paint maintains its anti fouling that long, irrespective of how well the bottom actually appears. dj