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    Centerboard winch in my S2 8.0C

    I'm now ready to reattach my centerboard winch which sits on top of a stainless steal pipe under the cockpit. I think I'm missing a piece that connects the two. Normally I take pictures before removal but didn't do it here. Any S2 8.0C owners with a centerboard winch system, I sure could use...
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    Paint removal

    The blue paint on my 1976 S2 8.0C is coming off and there is a red color showing thru. I removed some thru hulls and see that the red color is the only layer on top of the fiberglass. Is this red color the gelcoat? I was expecting white.
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    Anybody near the Annapolis Sailboat Show have a room to rent?

    My wife and I are considering attending the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show and would like to cut the cost somewhere and thought we might find some fellow sailboaters with a room to rent for a few evenings. We would fly in on the 4th. Attend the show the 5th and 6th. Take a day to look around and...
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    New owner of a 1975 S2 8.0C

    Renovating, refit, or redo don't quite describe it. Reconstruct is probably more descriptive. She needs lots of attention, and that's why I got her. A good foundation was first. Her hull is sound but the cabin sole was soft so I drilled some observation holes in the floor and discovered that...