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    Replacing standing rigging with mast up

    Pull the mast, fabricate a fixture to store on deck, ship rigging to Cable Railing - Stainless Steel Handrails - Seco South and they will duplicate it and quickly turn it around. I have done this on two boats and am very satisfied. Alan J S/V Skol C400 #130
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    Part help....

    There is an off the shelf part called a shower diverter that looks like that available at any plumbing dept. I have only seen it in 1/2" pipe thread. Yours look bigger maybe 3/4". It looks like it is hooked up to a March condensate pump. I have the same issue with my AC and simply installed...
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    How repair nicks

    I cannot tell from the picture if you are missing wood or is it only dented and pushed in. If it is dented you can raise the wood almost to the original surface by covering the dent with a wet towel and cover it over the dent with an iron. The steam created by the wet towel will penetrate the...
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    Oscillating Tool vs 5200

    Removal of Devils glue On my C400 I had to replace my rub rails, both sides, a total of 74 linear feet bedded with 5200. Until I learned to put a slight stretch between the rub rail and fiberglass and then insert the oscillating tool I made almost no progress. Once I learned to stretch (I used...
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    Who makes/made this?

    You have a split shaft collar. You can find one here, you only need the dimensions. From a former H37C owner. McMaster-Carr Alan Johnson
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    Reupholster Cushions

    Fabric Sailrite has a fabric calculator in their catalogue and I believe it is online. They also have video tutorials on how to make cushions. Alan J S/V Skol C400
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    Overnight Trips From GSB, Fire Island NY

    When I returned to sailing, I sailed a Macgregor 26 out of Patchogue on the GSB. First sails were to the Connetquot River, The Sore thumb by Gilgo, a trip into Morriches Bay and Shinnecock Bay and thru the canal into the Peconic. NYC may be a long haul in the best of circumstances( fuel...
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    New Rudder

    I previously had a H37C which I had to replace the rudder as I had bent shaft. At that time, Foss Foam out of Florida had been making the rudders for Hunter and had the mold. I was able to order a new rudder and had them increase the thickness of the rudder tube to eliminate that weakness...
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    Part number for 4jhe injectors

    Rebuilt Injectors Yes, injectors can be tested and rebuilt if necessary. You should be able to find a rebuilding shop in any metropolitan area. If you are having trouble go to your garage or truck repair facility and ask them where to bring them. When I had the injectors tested for my...
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    Two Honda 2000 paralleled in place of shire power?

    Honda 2000? I have a C400 MK1 with a 16000 btu ac for the aft cabin and I can run it on the 2000 but not in economy mode. I does not have enough output to fire up my inverter. It runs the one AC unit fine. Alan J C400 MK1 S/V Skol
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    Cranker drill attachement

    My third crew member, the cranker I had the same problem with the chuck unscrewing, Solved it with Blue Locktite, hasn't failed yet. I keep some red on hand just in case. Alan J S/V Skol C400
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    Catalina 400 Stanchion Mounts

    I have Hull #130 and have worked on the stanchions. The outer bolts are taped into the toe rail and the inner two are self taping screws. When I replaced some stanchions, I had considerable crevice corrosion between the stainless and the toe rail. When I remounted the stanchion, I bedded them...
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    1989 28.5 Toe Rail

    Need Toe rail?? I have some sort section of toe rail from a repair on an '88 Catalina. It is a taco brand. PM me if interested. Alan Johnson
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    356 to bemuda?

    Definitely go!! I have done two trips in my Hunter 37C, one in my C400 and one on a friends C445. Weather and preparations are key. My first trip was with a Rally out of Hampton Rhodes but I think they are no longer doing that. All other trips were planned with other boats from my area and...
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    Non skid deck paint

    Non skid On my Hunter 37C I repainted the non skid with Interlux one part poly, flattening agent and added non skid powder from Interlux. I experimented with primed and non-primed areas. I found no difference in coverage or durability. The non skid that I repainted looked like yours. I...
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    Identify old model furler on 1980 Hunter 37

    When I had my H37C I moved the CDI to the staysail and purchased a Profurl for the Yankee. It worked out great. Alan Johnson C400
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    1980 37C running the cutter sail

    Mast/sail clearance When I had my H37C, I had a 24 mile Raythone and had no problems with clearance, Larger units I cannot speak to. If concerned go to a stern mast from Garhauer. They can be had with tilt adjustment that makes them useable while sailing or a back stay mount. Alan J C400
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    Hunter 40.5 Hard Dodger

    Frank I am confused, did you use 30 0r 40 gauge and which thread did you use #69 or #92 or some other exotic Alan J
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    Hunter 40.5 Hard Dodger

    Frank Hope you can add some detail. What thickness or gauge is the Makron and was it sewn of the sailrite. Alan J C400 Skol
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    Solid Bimini / Solar Panel Mount

    Solid Bimini Recently on my Catalina 400, I removed the aging bimini and replaced it with sheets of pvc in 1/2" x 4' x 8'. I had to glue them together to get the size I needed(5200 and clean up immediately). The sheets have some flexibility and easily take on the shape of the frame. It is...