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    Reefing furling main while running down wind?

    Hi, I'm still getting used to the furling main on my 44 DS. The short version of my question is can I furl in the main while running down wind? Or how much wind is too much to do this? So, wind from behind was slowing building all afternoon, then pretty quickly (and not forecast) went from...
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    What is this number?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2007 sailboat. In the cockpit lazerette is what looks like a coast guard documentation number... but isn't. The boat was documented by its original owner. The correct official number starts with 119. Second owner had it removed from documentation. I just...
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    Selden 300 fuller only gets 3/4 of a turn

    Hi folks, I found another post in the Hunter Sailing Assoc #1 forum that exactly describes my problem, and even has a video demonstration. A few others chimed in on that thread reporting the same problem. But, no solutions...