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    PFD auto inflating

    Four years ago I got 2 West Marine inshore autoinflator PFDs. Since then on 2 occasions I have found a jacket had auto inflated while in the boat cabin. There were no leaks in the cabin so water didn't set it off. The cellulose crystal in the bobbin was present but the spring loaded plunger had...
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    jammed halyard and climbing the mast

    yesterday raising the jib on my 1883 Catalina 22 and halfway up it locked up solid. Turns out the wire halyard had jumped the groove and jammed between the sheave and the casting. Any suggestions as to how to prevent this happening again?.) I've also read that climbing to the top of the mast...
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    reinstalling C22 swing keel

    I'm reinstalling my swing keel after fairing. I am only able to get 3 of the bolts in. The hole in the brass hanger is about 1/16 inch out of alignment with the weldment. Has anyone had the same problem and solved it? I did not mark the hangers right and left on removal but the dimensions seem...
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    Refinishing swing keel

    Refinishing the swing keel on my 1983 Catalina 22. Thick "rusticles" like seen on the Titanic. Ive chiseled and ground down to metal and now waiting for the iron to dry out. One week in and still getting beads of moisture on the metal surface.
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    raising rusted keel

    Late last year I purchased a 1983 Catalina 22. With the warmer weather I've been in the water to look at the keel. It's heavily rusted, the surface is very rough and small pieces of rust (1/8") come off in my hand. The previous owner had the boat for 6 years and had never raised the keel. My...