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    Cal 22

    Am I the only Cal 22 owner in the world? Haven't seen any other posts.
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    I've not seen any posts re: Cal 22 .

    Anyone else own one? Only seen one other (In Maryland)
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    How to enter a slip with pilings

    I've recently moved to a slip on the Chesapeake in Maryland, between two widely spaced pilings. The boat is 7-1/2 feet wide and the pilings for the slip are 16 feet wide at the entrance. Stern lines go to the pilings. It seems impossible to pick them both up simultaneously on entering. It's...
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    Help available at no cost

    I'm an experienced sailor with over 60 years in the game, and currently bored with retirement. Over the years, I've owned and repaired 9 sailboats from 13 to 43 feet. I just retired and moved to Owings Mills MD. So if any newbie needs help rigging their boat and/or sailing it, or just needs...
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    Need a boat club near Baltimore

    Moved to Maryland recently and am now looking for a boat club to join. One that allows working on your boat on the premises and also one that expenses for a 20-foot boat would not exceed around $3000 per year including winter storage. Would be nice if there were a sizable group of sailboat...
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    Looking for a boat club nearby

    I recently moved to Owings Mills Md. and am looking for a boat club between Annapolis and Baltimore, or even 20 miles north of Baltimore on the Chesapeake. The requirements are 1. Being able to work on my boat on the premises 2. Club needs have at least some sailboat owners (versus all...
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    1977 Pearson mainsail dimensions

    I'm helping a couple of new sailors with the 1977-28 Pearson that they have purchased. The previous owner had the batten pockets sewn up and there are two minor rips near the head. Before they spend money repairing the sail, I'd like to see if we could replace it with a better used main. But...
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    6 HP Outboard power for an Oday 25!

    For the last 4 years we have been pushed along by a 1993 2 cycle 9.9 Mercury on our 1983 25. This year we had a problem with reliability (since solved) and not knowing how reliable the old engine would be, we chose to buy a new engine. We chose a 6 HP Tohatsu, hoping it would prove adequate...
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    Standup jib sheet blocks?

    The jib lead blocks (Schaefer deck mounted with spring) which are bolted to the deck of my Oday 25 are shot. I don't see them in the Schaefer catalog. Any one know where to get an exact replacement? Base plate is and inch and 3/4 square.
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    Oday 25 deck core?

    Is there a core in the deck of an Oday 25? Or is it just an outer and inner shell with nothing in between? If it has a core, what is it made out of?:confused:
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    What is the correct name for ???

    What is the correct term for the following: There are stoppers on either side of the main sheet traveler slide on my 25. They keep the traveler from sliding down hill (or up). The current ones are screw in type, which jam regularly. I want to replace them with spring loaded plunger type. They...
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    Knot Meter location?

    I want to install a knot meter in my 25. Has anyone done this on this model? And if so, exactly where did you locate it in the hull so that it could be removed to service from the interior? I was thinking to put it just to the side of the keel area. Any help would be appreciated. I don't...
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    Solar charging, cheap

    Bought a 30 watt solar panel ($58) and controller ($18) and just wired it directly to one of the two group 24 batteries in the boat. We leave the master switch in the "both" position so both batteries charge. No permanent mounting. We just leave the panel face up on the seat in the cockpit and...
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    Blue Water Copper Shield bottom paint

    Anyone have experience of more than one season with this paint? And what was it. I just stripped my hull and am thinking of using it. Thanks Ernie
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    Sheet sizes for 25?

    For an O Day 25. Anyone know off the top of their head, the diameter and length jib sheets for a 135% Jenny. Also diameter and length of the main sheets? Ernie
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    How to re-install center board?

    OK -I'm repairing the centerboard for my Oday 25. Is there a simple way to re-install this thing. I'm sure some one has done this before. My guess is the swivel pin (plastic) goes into the board and the board goes up the slot. Then the wedges and then the plates to hold the wedges up. How...
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    How to get out those centerboard screws?

    Need to remove the centerboard on my 25 and dug through 10 layers of paint and found the 4 screw in the bottom of the keel. But I can't budge the scews How did anyone get these out? Ernie
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    Catalina sails fit Oday?

    I've just been told by an experienced sailmaker that Catalina 25 jibs, 135 and 150 will fit quite well on an Oday 25 and lead correctly. Anyone know if this is true? Ernie
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    Centerboard pendant

    My Oday 25 has a wire spliced to rope center board pendant. The part in the cockpit is 7/16 line which is easy on the hands and the underwater part is 1/8" stainless wire. Has anyone used just rope? There are lines today as strong as wire. Anyone try this ? While I'm asking- does anyone...
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    Will buy a 150 Genoa and need info

    I want to order a 150 genoa for my Oday 25 centerboarder. Has anyone bought one recently and from what sailmaker. We you satisfied? How high was the clew. Was the clew above lifeline height? Does it sheet to the track on the cockpit coaming? I would like to order it this week so a...