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    Replacing plumbing on a 302

    Thanks, for the information, that verifies my findings. I was afraid that removing the glued down floor and pulling the fuel tank was going to be part of the job. I do plan on replacing all of the hoses as they are questionable at best. Where did you get the clean out access for the fuel tank?
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    Replacing plumbing on a 302

    Thank you for the reply, Peggie. The toilet is a SeaLander 752. Do you have a recommended hose that has some flexibility? Tim
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    1984 Sabre 28 Window Repair

    Jim, You’re on the right track. The gasket along with Dow 795 sealant should do the trick for the glass, set the frames with butyl tape. Years ago, I rebedded all of the portlights on a 28’ Sabre. Tim
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    Replacing plumbing on a 302

    I’ve recently purchased an O’day 302 and I want to replace all of the original hoses with new, but I have a few questions. I would like to replace the shower sump hose, but I haven’t figured out how to access it under the floor. Also the original toilet needs to be replaced, but the company is...