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    What Boat is This?

    Shoot...I was gonna say that'sa fun boat
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    Have found a nasty soft spot in the aft cabin on our 361

    Could you have pierced the hull when you installed the Head? I know in the 321 it is possible if your screws are too long. If it was one of the back bolts close to the waterline then it is possible that it stops at 1 inch of water because the pressure is equalized. With a lag screw in it, it...
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    Bebe 321?

    321 is a great boat that has lots of room for its size. I think you would really like it over your 28. Have you checked out the reviews on this website?
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    Bebe 321?

    The perkins is a three cylinder. M30 to be exact. Knock on wood...mines got 32XX hours and still runs great.
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    What is your dream boat?

    Easy, Jeanneau 57. Loved it at the annapolis boat show.
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    Do I need an automatic bilge pump

    My boat does have a electric and backup manual bilge pump. I do not have an automatic switch on the boat for the electric bilge pump, or a separate auto electric bilge pump. I may regret it one day, but I don't think it is necessary. I close all seacocks when I leave the boat, and I...
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    Wiring for Tach on Alternator

    Alright Maine, I got another one for you. We put the boat in the water yesterday which allowed me to do some more troubleshooting with the electrical system. It started with the alternator not charging. There was no voltage coming off of the alternator at all with the motor running. I...
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    Wiring for Tach on Alternator

    I'll give it a shot. Thanks
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    Wiring for Tach on Alternator

    I have attached a pic below to see if it helps. I have a Perkins M30 that I have replaced the instrument panel on and everything is working, except the tach. The tach does not budge, so I don't believe it to be a calibration issue. On the back of my alternator there are four posts. Red...
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    Hunter 23' Mast Mounting/Normal Operation Position

    My hunter 23 had this same style step as indicated by the OP (1987) and the mast should be all the way down in the step and touching the deck.
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    Should I replace seacocks?

    I just pulled all of the seacocks and thru-hulls from my boat (Beneteau 321). I have no doubt that they were the factory installed seacocks from 1995. One was stuck in the closed position even though the handle worked smoothly, one thru hull snapped off when I tried to thread the seacock off of...
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    Volvo Shaft Seal

    We bought a 321 last year and have been doing some deferred maintenance this winter. The PO has recently replaced the Volvo Shaft Seal, less than 50 motor hours ago as of now. Part of the maintenance we are doing is replacing all thru-hulls and seacocks. When I pulled off the seacock for hose...
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    Hull Cracked / Deck Damaged - Beneteau 311

    Re: Hull cracked / Deck damaged The chain plate attachment on the 311 appears to be different from the 321 I have, from the pictures on the internet there is no strut. This is the 321 This is the 311 Also you can see that the chainplates terminate on the toe rail instead of the...
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    Remove and re-bed skylights

    I haven't made it that far just yet. The skylights are not screwed in, just held in place by sealant. The side fixed port lights are held in by four screws, but I assume that they are mostly held in my sealant. The screw are more for alignment and to hold the window in place while the...
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    Remove and re-bed skylights

    This is the method I plan to use. With the exception that I am going to remove them from the boat and send them to Select Plastics to be replaced so new, un-glazed windows go back in.
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    Remove and re-bed skylights

    I am doing this exact project on a 321 when the weather warms above 50. There was a thread on this that I read a while ago. I'd find it for you but I am on my phone. Looking forward to your report when you decide to do it.
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    Bene 321 Stern growth

    Do you have any problems with the paint flaking off of the rubber?
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    Bene 321 Stern growth

    The 321 sugar scoop is designed in such a way that the bottom lip rests in the water if the water tanks are empty or there is any significant weight in the stern. Here is a 321 I pulled from the internet - There is a rubber rail that covers the edge that gets covered with growth if not...
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    Found a great deal, but need help...

    That''ll buff right out. Go for it :)