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    H26 rounding up and old mainsail?

    I saw a post by rgranger in another forum about his H26 rounding up until he replaced the old mainsail, so I thought I'd ask here about that. I have a 1998 H26 with, I believe, the original mainsail. It is a full-batten Doyle with the factory insignia. She really likes to round up in gusts...
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    Mainsail slugs for H26 Z-Spar?

    I have a 1998 Hunter 26 with the Z-Spar Z230 mast. The specs on say 8mm round slugs. The boat came (used) with three different sized slugs - 5/16" (8mm) nylon/SS slugs sewn to luff at battens, and a mixture of all-nylon 9mm and 12mm slugs shackled to grommets elsewhere along the...