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  1. Meriachee

    Boats at the lake

    Here's a few shots of the boats at the lake, and our home made top down furler in action flying the creamsicle kite.
  2. Meriachee

    Page layout

    Phil, Is there any option to alter the page width spacing? In the attached screen grab, you see the Forum Title on the left, then a huge space , and then the latest post titles which always gets cut off. Could the latest post column be shifted a few feet to the left?
  3. Meriachee


    @Peggie Hall HeadMistress , tested the new superflush on the weekend. Nice machine. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Meriachee

    Game on

    Heres the official announcement.
  5. Meriachee

    A thank you

    @Maine Sail , A thank you is due. The cleaner is 920, and after a quick wipe with the dreaded acetone, two coats of 925. Everybody has heard the “slices and dices” promises of “on and off”, but this stuff is something else. The wax goes on paper thin, and the shine ! Thanks for sharing...
  6. Meriachee

    Which one?

    In the 2.5 four stroke category, the two apparent front runners are the Honda and the Suzuki. Both tip the scales at about 30 lbs, and there appears to be one large difference, the Honda is air cooled, while the Suzuki is water cooled. Does anybody have any input to either of these units? If...
  7. Meriachee

    Horizon GX1700

    The GX1700 manual states that the radio outputs "dsc" data, and it would seem that it would output received GPS position data from another dsc radio, however, on the very next page of the manual, it clearly states it only outputs the GPS strings pertinent to the actual position of this radio...
  8. Meriachee

    Gee, I dunno

    Hey Andre, you think maybe we should consider going for a drive to check on the boats?
  9. Meriachee


    How long would you be prepared to leave your boat in your slip, unused? Or, put another way, if you were to use it, say, three times a year, for 5-6 days each time, what kind of issues (besides the obvious degradation, carpet growth, and the like) could be expected?
  10. Meriachee

    Dregs of winter

    I guess the fuel dock isn’t open today. Are we there yet?
  11. Meriachee


    The site certificate expired?
  12. Meriachee

    Standard Horizon

    In the spirit of full and complete disclosure, I'd like to state that this is not, (although it may well read as) a posting that slams a support organization. This is a post of the outright effort involved in, and the costs and pushback associated with a simple repair. If any of the moderators...
  13. Meriachee

    Paging all sailors

    Did @Kermit fall into a frying pan someplace?
  14. Meriachee

    Self tacker

    Not that long ago, there was a discussion here about self tacking sails. That discussion (as so many seem to do) digressed into a somewhat non technical array of commentary about how much infrastructure would be required to support an overlapping sail. If you have a look at the "top 7 reasons"...
  15. Meriachee

    Ray network

    Is there an easy way that anybody knows to hook an stNG network bus to a laptop to see what's getting transmitted (or not) We'd probably need a white Ray (spur) cable to something and something to either serial or usb.
  16. Meriachee

    What makes your truck look good?

  17. Meriachee


    Phil, Please tell us why Opera on a real computer doesn't like to display uploaded files as having uploaded until you save the message as a draft and then come back and look at it. This has happened a number of times. I'd get some screen shots but the darn slothware won't let me upload the...
  18. Meriachee


    It is my understanding that the ColRegs do not require a masthead light on a mooring. This is not, in my opinion, the same scenario as an anchor light. Any input?
  19. Meriachee

    Where's Kermit

    @Kermit , here's your very public invitation to get expelled from someplace. The Sylvia may not survive this time.
  20. Meriachee


    For those of you who have a sprit and a top down furler. Do you have a cleat or ring that the drum attaches to? If the drum is attached to a line so you can adjust the tension via the sprit, like Selden does, have you had any issue with the drum twisting?