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  1. Michael Davis

    North Salish Sea Tour

    We planned a little holiday tour of the North Salish Sea with a guest. Planned pick up was in Sidney so we spent a couple of days there picking up supplies and doing routine maintenance. I noticed the oil level was a little high after a recent oil change. Do I have diesel fuel leaking into my...
  2. Michael Davis

    Ellen Bay, Prevost Island

    It’s a long weekend here so you would expect the anchorage to be full. Exploring by kayak and took a look back at the crowds. Again , we are the only two boats here. Solitude so close to home.
  3. Michael Davis

    Bio-Blitz and shake down cruise

    Why the University of California wants to know how many Sea Stars we have around our little island I’ll never know but last week we got about 10% of our local population climbing over a rocky shoreline to count and classify them. They are making a comeback after several years of wasting disease...
  4. Michael Davis

    Winter Projects

    My neighbour worries that I’ll get bored in the winter. No sailing, what will I do? Not to worry, this showed up in my workshop. 25kw Onan generator with a Perkins 4-108 to drive it. Same motor that we have in the boat so I’ll have a spare or a generator with a spare. A little work to do but...
  5. Michael Davis

    Annette Inlet

    Sunset tonight, Annette Inlet, Prevost Island B.C.
  6. Michael Davis

    The Best Sailing Movie I’ve Ever Seen

    Last night at the University of Victoria we viewed “MAIDEN” in the 1989-1990 Whitbread Race. Just amazing how a 24 year old could pull together a boat and a team to compete in an around the world race. Original footage and interviews with the women today. Movie was released in July 2019, the...
  7. Michael Davis

    Sun Gypsy 2019 Cruise

    The weather is getting better and the boat is ready. Seven days 'til the start of this years trip. We are so ready to get back out on the water!
  8. Michael Davis

    2018 Sun Gypsy cruise

    16 days before we start this years cruise. Jobs are almost done, just a little hull liner to put up. Sure hope it warms up and the rain stops soon!
  9. Michael Davis

    Nothing Runs Like A Deere

    John and his brothers Bill and Joe trimming the front lawn in the rain this morning.
  10. Michael Davis

    Making Alternator Belt Tension Easy

    The engine room on our First 38 is very tight. The alt. belt tension was a 4-handed job with only space for 2-hands. This mod. left change from $5. Correct tension should save some wear and tear on the belt.
  11. Michael Davis

    Squeaky Hatch

    New to us First 38 has a squeaky hatch cover unless it's raining! Have tried silicone spray and soap so far. Any ideas out there?
  12. Michael Davis

    Sun Gypsy 2017 cruise

    Into Sydney this last weekend to take our Gwaii Haanas orientation. Stopped at Tanners to order charts we don't have yet. Out to COSCO for a pick-up full of staples for the boat. 32 days and counting weather spring comes or not!
  13. Michael Davis

    Beneteau First 38 pedestal compass removal

    My new to me First 38 has a BEN compass with no visible screws holding it on. I would like to inspect/lube etc the wheel shaft bearings . Does anyone know the best way to remove the compass?
  14. Michael Davis

    Propeller Shaft Length?

    Just purchased a 1984 First38s5. Looks like it will need a new shaft and cutlass bearing on the next haulout. Does anyone know how long the shaft is? Would like to have it ready beforehand.