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  1. jssailem

    Engineers - Thermodynamics Exam Bonus Question

    Knowing that many who monitor this site have some form of engineering background and may have actually experienced the subject matter. I felt it worthy to share this posted exam bonus question... and one students answer.
  2. jssailem


    Below is a list of ideas, generated by SBO members, to help boat owners prepare for storms. If you have additional suggestions we encourage you to share. They will be added to this list as updates occur. Please check back often! * indicates a SBO Member contribution. Check you boat lines...
  3. jssailem

    What do you do while stuck awaiting outside repairs?

    It has been a love/hate affair with the 10 windows on SV Hadley. After 48 years the seals failed, were removed and delivered to the glass shop to replace glass and reseal against the weather. Got to the boat Tuesday, 28 days since I reinstalled the windows. One of the "fixed" windows had...
  4. jssailem

    How long has it been since you cleaned your unmentionables?

    No I am not talking about the brown spot that just happened when you experienced that unexpected gybe... I am talking about the sail boat hardware that nobody talks about. The blocks and tackle that sit out on the deck or hang from the boom, rain and shine sucking up dust, dirt, salt spray...
  5. jssailem

    Fireworks in the sky

    If there ever is a time to go for a nighttime cruise or just hang out on a mountain top with a great view of the night sky, the next 3 nights are the best. Perseids meteor shower is returning to light up the sky. You can see meteors burning across the night sky, no special instruments needed...
  6. jssailem

    RIP Bruce Kirby

    A self taught yacht designer created the venerable Olympic sail boat “the Laser”. Many of us owe our early sail learning to sailing on a Laser. So fast. So unforgiving. Thank you Bruce. We never knew each other but I admired your boat and enjoyed many days of fun on your creation. Thank you...
  7. jssailem

    Looking sternward...

    Being a self motivated history nut, I have been found poking about in SBO archives. Todays dive took me back into the SBO Forum archives. I think I found a gem in the dust . In February 2010 a sailor, Douglas Pollard joined SBO and shared his love for his new Albin Vega 27. Feb 13, 2010#1 HI...
  8. jssailem

    Our SUN continues to amaze. FIRST X-Class Flare of Solar cycle 25.

    First X-class flare of SC25 An X1.5 flare was produced on 3 July (peak at 14:29UT) by a region that started to develop only late on the previous day. Its location was very close to the northwest limb making an accurate assessment of its magnetic complexity difficult. HF communications were...
  9. jssailem

    Cruising Wobbly and lessons in seamanship - crossing the Wash.

    What is Wobbly? It is a British descriptive name given to a canal boat. Boats are narrow and used in protected waters. I found the video entertaining. It shared some of that dry British humor.. Seamanship.. interesting skills to address tidal change.. all presented in a fun way. Enjoy...
  10. jssailem

    Lessons from a Racing Boat Destruction.

    99% of us SBO sailors will never be in the situation solo sailor Kevin Escoffier faced during his global race. You might say why even read his story. It will not happen to me. I do not sail a "special high tech boat". I do not "plan to sail in the South Atlantic southwest of Capetown". Or, I do...
  11. jssailem

    HAPPY 4th of JULY to all of SBO

    Happy 4th and celebration of Independence Day to all the crew.
  12. jssailem

    The SUN celebrates CANADA DAY

    While the grand celebrations of July 1st past have been muted, the Sun was not deterred by Covid or any other constructs. He put on a grand display of sun spots and solar flares to celebrate the day. 01 JULY 2021 on the SUN. 20210701_swap_movie.mp4
  13. jssailem

    Captain's decision that destroyed a City...

    The Halifax Explosion... 1917
  14. jssailem

    Talk about wind speeds... SOLAR UPDATE

    Maybe Milar sails would hold up a enough to get the boat going. But sustained "Solar wind speed reached values near 600km/s " would tear the boat apart and make the pieces glow.... Late on 15 June, another geomagnetic storm has been recorded for solar cycle 25 (SC25). The source was a high...
  15. jssailem

    2020 the start of Solar Cycle 25

    We have a movie "2020 the year in review" of the solar awakening. In reality the year was just that a beginning with minor eruptions. Even the minor ones look spectacular when viewed through the special lenses and filters.
  16. jssailem

    Do you BELIEVE... in Rogue Waves?

    Many of us here on SBO sail on lakes and inside passages. The concept of a Rogue wave, out there in the water, could rush upon us consuming our boat. A wave that would rise up to ruin our sailing enjoyment, never enters our mind. But if you are among the adventurers that untie the lines and...
  17. jssailem

    Would you be ready to handle this emergency?

    We talk about the idea... The chainplate breaks loose and the mast comes down. What if this happens in mid ocean? This youtube video records just such an experience during a 60 mile passage.
  18. jssailem

    360 Vancouver Island 2022 Cruise

    Yes a New and Improved post COVID adventure. There is no time like the present to prepare for the future. Sure Canada is still only for Canadians, but one can dream. I have a coupe of friends north of the border who are keeping their ear to the ground hopefully they hear good news and we can...
  19. jssailem

    Have you checked your Standing Rigging for this season?

    A recurring question here on the forum. What about my standing rigging? When do I have to spend the money? I'm looking at this boat, what should I check? Why do masts fall? Ok maybe the last one is a bit much, but my grand son did wonder what would happen if the mast fell down. It would be a...
  20. jssailem

    NO MAS-k DAY

    A day of Celebration Thursday the 13th of MAY 2021. :cool::beer: