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  1. Captain Larry-DH

    Shipwrecked: A Shocking Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Deep Blue Sea

    An interesting short story that I came across Shipwrecked: A Shocking Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Deep Blue Sea
  2. Captain Larry-DH

    Interesting story about faked AIS signals involving warships

    Interesting reading, and somewhat concerning. These signals might be mis-used by "fake news" sites and provoke an international political incident. This story appears in WIRED magazine online Phantom Warships Are Courting Chaos in Conflict Zones
  3. Captain Larry-DH

    How-to tip: Replacing a Racor Gas Filter - issues with water separating bowl.

    I've had issues removing the plastic bowl from a Racor water-separating filter on my dinghy. It became so difficult to spin that more force spun the plastic threaded insert, and it would turn around and around but wouldn't unscrew. This has happened twice to me - the first time it happened I...
  4. Captain Larry-DH

    Attacked by pirates

    This popped up in my YouTube feed this morning. Interesting and well told.
  5. Captain Larry-DH

    Yanmar 3YM30 fails to self prime

    Has anyone else ever experienced this? Even after filling the raw water strainer it still had a problem priming. I’m assuming the raw water pump s just too worn, or impeller needs change out. Surveyor says all raw water pumps aren’t self priming. All in my experience are, until this. Have I...
  6. Captain Larry-DH

    My boat has sold!

    Many mixed feelings: I got my full asking price for Double Horizon, and now I'm lovingly readying her for her new owner in Texas. We've loved this boat for the last 12 years, and always will. I'm sure her new owner will appreciate her good condition. Now it's time for new adventures! I'm...
  7. Captain Larry-DH

    Aluminum water and fuel tanks - corrosion

    I was talking with the owner of a 1998 boat that has aluminum water and fuel tanks. He said his boat had developed a pinhole leak in a fuel tank. He said he removed the tank and had it spot welded, then he completely glassed over the tank with fiberglass. I'm assuming the leaks he found are the...
  8. Captain Larry-DH

    How to make your mask fit better

    A friend who is an MD sent this to my wife. Just wanted to pass it on to the community
  9. Captain Larry-DH

    Another gremlin (bug) with B&G Touch CP, SH GX2200, and Raymarine i60 speed display

    Decided to start another thread so as not to hijack @Rick D's, although much of my equipment is the same as his: However, my problem is that SOG (GPS) does not display on Raymarine instrument display unless the AIS is not connected: SOG from B&G displays on Raymarine i60 speed instrument...
  10. Captain Larry-DH

    Head mirror replacement project

    This is my old mirror (taped to control demo fragments). Yes I’m in for a lot of bad luck. :huh: I had tried cutting it off by sliding piano wire beneath, but the wire was totally ineffective against the adhesive. Destruction was the only option. You can see that the silvering was degraded at...
  11. Captain Larry-DH

    Anchor Chain Catenary. Anchor Test Video by SV Panope

    I follow this YouTube poster, and find his real world anchor testing interesting. I think this episode is more interesting than most. This video illustrates quite clearly that the benefits of chain catenary are dramatically reduced as load increases. It also illustrates why sailors shouldn’t...
  12. Captain Larry-DH

    Alert of data breach notice for this site "" - change your password(s)

    I received a darkweb alert that my email is one of the userIDs contained in a breach. Apparently, the userID/passwords of "cit0day -" are available for sale on the darkweb. I recommend you change your password. If you use the same password for other things (you should not...
  13. Captain Larry-DH

    Swivel on anchor chain - I'm a late convert

    I've owned boats since 1980 and have never used swivels. I've bought boats that came with them and removed them. In late July my chain jammed in the gypsy. I had to take the windless apart (partially) to free it. Then I had another incident last week, when a link came up kinked sideways and...
  14. Captain Larry-DH

    How do I test AGM batteries for damage from overcharge?

    A solar charge controller failed on my boat allowing high output from one 50w solar panel to reach the batteries directly. The issue lasted about 4 days - started on July 22nd and lasted until about shortly after 12PM yesterday, when I was able to return to the boat and diagnose/disconnect it...
  15. Captain Larry-DH

    I’ve never seen this before

    I was sailing in fog and happened to look up to see this fog shadow of my sail. My vantage point was in line with the shadow, and it couldn’t be seen from other angles. edit: Updated the image to show the mast upright
  16. Captain Larry-DH

    Block Island is open as of June 1

    We went to BI for the night yesterday. Yes, it's early but open. Most businesses are still closed due to the pre-season timing but they will open. Be aware the pumpout boat is only working weekends (for now). But they have lifted the quarantine restrictions and sailors can go ashore...
  17. Captain Larry-DH

    New toy alert! For those who like to watch their boat/harbor from away.

    I picked up a Reolink Go 4G LTE Mobile Outdoor/Indoor Battery/Solar Powered Security Camera. Added a T-mobile SIM for $10 plus $10/month. It only uses bandwidth when you're watching it live, or when it's capturing motion. You can mount it anywhere in or on the boat and get an alert when...
  18. Captain Larry-DH

    Think we're going to see a surge in first-time cruisers?

    With the pandemic, many careers are being ended unexpectedly. Some of those people who perform personal services are thinking about how to make a living without being in close contact with other people. Others are thinking of retirement ahead of schedule. Getting away on the water is looking...
  19. Captain Larry-DH

    Question about varnishing a table

    My cockpit table is starting to look a little beat up and the finish is degrading in some spots, and I'd like to freshen it up. I have some spar varnish on hand. My question is whether I can just scuff sand it and degrease before giving it a new coat, or should I sand it all the way down?
  20. Captain Larry-DH

    New Covid19 restrictions in RI, and other states. Waterway Guide link

    If you’re planning to visit BI or Newport this summer from out of state you might want to rethink your plans Waterway Guide is posting a special page with updates from all states...