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  1. MikeHoncho

    Sailrite Sail Kits

    Started my Laser sail kit today and I’m very impressed. It is well laid out and the instructions are clear. The only thing I would include in them is a sequence of work flow. There is a key to the workflow given the size of the project pieces vs the capacity of a Sailrite machine. I also feel...
  2. MikeHoncho

    Week Cruise Next Week

    My wife and I are heading out Sunday night for the San Juans. First night will be Blake Island then hopefully Deer Harbor, Roche Harbor for a walk, Stuart, Suchia then around the east side. Planning on a week but probably will be less. If your going to cross paths let me know and lets meet up.
  3. MikeHoncho

    Work Load Advise - Damper, Motor Mounts, Exhaust Elbow

    With my new prop came more load on the engine which brought about a chatter. I believe it is a combination of aged motor mounts and a worn damper plate. The mounts are really collapsed in the rear and the vertical adjustments are maxed out. No question the mounts need replacing regardless of...
  4. MikeHoncho

    Help me Understand Batteries

    I'm having issues with understanding battery specs and discharge rates, SOC and DOD, specifically AGMs (Lifeline). I have a single Lifeline 8D (255ah). I understand, under most situations, I should not go below 12.3 volts. Can I assume that this while there is no load and the battery is at...
  5. MikeHoncho

    Balmar ARS5 Settings

    I have upgraded my system to a single Lifeline 8D (255ah), Balmar 70amp alternator and a Balmar ARS5 with battery and alt Temps sensors. I have on order a Balmar sg210 (meter with BT). My boat is slipped with 30 amp service with a old Heart/Xantrex 1000 normally with 3-4 trips a year at a week...
  6. MikeHoncho

    Analog Wind Speed Indicator info

    I have a very old but working fine Sou’Western wind speed indicator that is meant for inside use. I would like to replace the display with a like type analog for outside use. It has two wires that connect to it and uses generic wiring ( not a specific wire harness). Any insight to a applicable...
  7. MikeHoncho

    Quarantine Sailing, Someone has to do it!

    Well, what do you do when you are told you are in quarantine for 14 days by the boss and “ I don’t care where you work as long as it isn’t here” and you don’t want to take a chance getting your wife sick right before a flight to see our oldest.....that’s right, you go single handed sailing! I...
  8. MikeHoncho

    Expert Voice

    Just wanted to forward an opportunity.......Expert Voice is an app that allows certain professionals access to manufacturers and purchase merchandise deep discounts. I've used them twice for Helly Hansen products the last being this week. I got 50% off my purchase. You need to practise due...
  9. MikeHoncho

    IBoat Manual Uploaded

    I have transitioned over to IBoat to utilize the Furuno radar over lap. I really like the product but there wasn’t any manual to utilize which was kind of weird. I messaged the company and they sent me a pdf and said it was just released this week and isn’t on the website yet. I figured if I...
  10. MikeHoncho

    December/January Trips Planned

    Anyone going out on a multi day trip during Dec/Jan in the central/south Salish? I’m getting a itch.
  11. MikeHoncho

    Another Elbow Question

    Took the boat out yesterday for some new equipment shake down (radar, autopilot) and realized there was no water coming out of the exhaust. I have a “pee” set up on my boat that shoots raw water out the stearn to show the pump is working properly. I check this repeatedly and it was flowing...
  12. MikeHoncho

    Radar Head Elevation On Mast

    I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new radar and mast mount. I’m thinking of mounting it just above my steaming light which is at my spreader elevation putting it 20ft above the deck. this placement seems to be the common place for a single spreader, 30ft in my marina. Understanding that...
  13. MikeHoncho

    Sailing Porn

    This popped up on my FB page from January of this year. Figured someone would enjoy it. 40 kts .mp4
  14. MikeHoncho

    iMarine USA Review

    Wondering if anyone has experience dealing with iMarine USA out of Semi Valley, CA? I looking at purchasing a radar setup and they come in a touch lower than everyone else.
  15. MikeHoncho

    Ball Bearing Autoprop Assistane

    I picked up two H5 ball bearing Autoprops the other day. I tore each one down prior to purchase and found one prop had brinnelling (sp) on several of the blade large bearing surfaces. The hub is fine the surfaces are not terrible but i can feel it when running my fingernail around the...
  16. MikeHoncho

    First Trip of the Year

    My dad, brother and I are heading out on the 29th for a 4 day trip north. Hope to get to Port Townsend/Flagler area and head back. From Tacoma we plan to make Port Madison on the first day then to Townsend. Should be a great trip. The boat is ready and clean. This week will be scrubbing the...
  17. MikeHoncho

    Autohelm 3000 Replacement

    I'm looking to replace my Autohelm. Yup the thing has be be 20+ years old. It came with the boat (not working) I serviced the motor and replaced the compass. It works well under light conditions but struggles with heavier winds. I like the looks of the CPT units being a comparable system...
  18. MikeHoncho

    1GM10 (c), 2GM20 (f)(c), 3GM30 (f)(c), 3HM35 (f)(c) Shop Manual

    I have the shop manual for my 2GM20F. I came with the boat and I finally got to scanning it. There are a lot of folded pages but I think the bulk scanner got all of both sides. I don't think there was any data on the inside sides of the fold. I didn't go through each page so if you happen...
  19. MikeHoncho

    EPEVER Triron 30a Solar Charger with MT50 and Bluetooth Install

    My previous EPEVER charger took a dump after I screwed up on a battery polarity so I purchased another, newer version that supported bluetooth (3210N). I have a MT50 digital readout installed in my console (big hole) that is compatible with the newer controller but the bluetooth module...