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    I’m here at the Wooden Boat School, so tempted to build one. However, I’m content to do the bronze casting class.
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    Mary E The historic Mary E had a little problem yesterday.
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    Hi all, Anybody ever do any bronze casting or other metals? I was attempting to get into a class but sadly I’m on the waiting list.
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    Hydraulic hose

    Hi all, I just wanted to pass along a bit of information you may find useful. I was in need of a hydraulic hose for my old backhoe and my usual local shop was closed. I tried calling several other known shops (Tractor Supply, NAPA, local big truck repair place) and either they couldn’t do it...
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    Housing market

    Hi all, We wintered in the Chesapeake and had a number of live aboards at our marina. Many of them had sold their homes with the market being strong. Since May first there have been even more boats launched by people who have done the same. Many buying boats for the size and no interest in...
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    Compass vs GPS

    Hi all, We have done a check of heading comparison between our compass and the GPS heading from our autopilot and chart plotter. They have never been in agreement, usually a difference of 10 degrees or more. No problem because we always would make our destination, but thought it would be nice...
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    Tasco binoculars

    Hi all, I have a Tasco binocular set and haven’t used them in a while. I cannot move the focus wheel in the center and was thinking to lube it with 3&1 oil before I loosen the set screws. Anyone else have this happen?
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    ST7000 Autohelm

    Hi all, Someone asked me in the past about my old Autohelm autopilot. I had that replaced a few years ago but I still have the display from the navigation station. I finally decided I don’t need the clutter. Give me a PM if you remember too. Tom
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    Fix or toss

    Hi all, I’m looking for an assessment of this chainplate. It was for a backstay and looks like it broke from being case-hardened by previous work and tried to be fixed creating an even worse situation. Am I in agreement with most of you?
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    Traveler blocks

    Hi all, I would like to find two blocks for my traveler with a becket. These are about 2.5 inches long with 1 inch sheaves for 3/8 line. They are held on the traveler car by a 1/4 screw. . I found Harken had similar, but nothing with a becket.
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    Nifty tool

    Hi all, I’m doing some engine maintenance and remembered I had this nifty tool to assist with one of the chores.
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    Diesel valve adjustment

    Hi Rodd, I was going through some maintenance items and wanted to check the valve clearances on our Perkins 4.236. Several valves have more than the 0.012 in clearance so I thought it would be easy to adjust. However, I found the locking nut to be tighter than I can turn with an 8 inch box...
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    On the Level

    I could save them a few bucks with my experience getting under fixed bridges. A satellite that will track Earth's sea level rise is ready to launch
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    Guest 295C

    Hi all, Does anyone have a Guest Spotlight with a remote controller. Ours hadn’t been used in quite a while but we had excellent service from it. The tech at Marinco found an operation guide for me but stated the light was obsolete. I’m wondering if the receiver on the light is burnt out...
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    Alkaline batteries

    Hi all, We’re going through every battery operating item on the boat, flashlights, clocks, electrical tools, and are finding most battery contacts blue with corrosion. It hurts to throw away so many items just because the batteries leak. Anyone have a good way to prevent this other than no...
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    Jabsco PAR pump parts

    I’m looking for parts for my bilge/sump pumps the remote Jabbsco PAR variety. I have at least two different sizes but looking for the 36600 or 36680 diaphragms and valves. The only ones I saw were from Go 2 Marine and Defender. Not popular but work well. Any other sources?
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    Thermoelectric cooler

    Hi all, I have a thermoelectric cooler that we have used in the past while traveling and I’m not sure it is cooling to capacity now. The Coleman site doesn’t offer much guidance other than it cools up to 40 degrees of ambient temperatures. My test was to leave it outside overnight...
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    Hi all, Anyone see the article of the sailor who tried to ride out Sally aboard his sailboat? He said his anchors let go. Then he was pushed over the seawall and came to rest against a building.
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    Do the math

    Hi all, If you add the shark sitings along the East coast, large tropical storm heading north, and our luck so far in 2020, I expect Sharknado’s to be a real possibility!