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  1. Jackdaw

    Last straw

    Well I'm out of here for good. Place has changed over the last few years, and not for the better. Final straw was getting dressed down by an admin for posting a speed track from a sail last night. So seeya. Anyone who knows me use my email, or the same username on Sailing Anarchy. A little...
  2. Jackdaw

    Launched boat#1!

  3. Jackdaw

    Smartwatch while sailing?

    Does anyone wear a smartwatch while sailing; for a sailing/racing purpose? If so share. What? How? Wishes? Dreams? Me? My right wrist (or upper arm) has my Apple Watch series 6 on it, mostly as an activity tracker. As a watch guy, my left has one of my collection on it; unless I'm sailing...
  4. Jackdaw

    New job - new ride

    OK, call it an 'additional' ride. With the primary Vakaros target market being sporty boats, it seemed weird to me that I didn't OWN one. Sure I sail on then all the time, but I now needed to own one. At least that's what I told myself long enough to find this. An Ultimate 20; 21 feet of...
  5. Jackdaw

    Cover pic? Really?

    Why good old boat magazine would use this picture on the cover, I have absolutely no idea.
  6. Jackdaw

    Now I know why....

    .... the slips abutting the seawall were 1/2 price.....
  7. Jackdaw

    Vakaros Atlas

    Bunch of questions regarding the Atlas, so here goes. The Atlas is a tactical instrument designed and built to help you sail and race faster. Of course it is packed with state-of-the-art sensors updating at 10+ times a seconds, but the real value is not in the DATA that it presents, but in the...
  8. Jackdaw

    Just cruising along...

    Jodi and I seemingly have moved to Texas for the winter; not a bad gig when when both of us now work remotely. Speaking of work; I've got a new gig; VP of Sales and Marketing at Vakaros, the makers of the world's coolest race instruments. Play has now become work! And speaking of play, we get...
  9. Jackdaw

    A sad day

    As a two time owner of a Catalina sailboat, this saddens me.
  10. Jackdaw

    Love Texas.

    Jodi and I are spending November in Texas. Hanging out with my buddy Gustavo, first doing a big B&G install on his First 27.7 then we sail. A lot. great times!
  11. Jackdaw

    Container Ship cuts Minesweeper in two

    Off Athens Greece. In the Saronic TSS. I’ve crossed that TSS dozens of times and it’s always an adventure. Man it’s hard to judge the speed of these huge monolithic hulks. Always take the transom. happily no fatalities. Back part sunk. This is what the traffic looks like now.
  12. Jackdaw

    DON’T Bring your boat to Lake Minnetonka!

    Due to its proximity to Minneapolis and a relative scarcity of slips, Lake Minnetonka has developed a reputation as being the most expensive place to keep your boat per foot in the United States. With COVID-19 driving up the number of new power boaters this year, things just got crazy for slips...
  13. Jackdaw

    Dark side??

    If you ever feel the need to move to a powerboat, what would you do? Lots of options. Pogo has an idea, a motorboat that ACTS like a sailboat. Same speed (ok pogo speed), form factor, autonomy, etc. Very similar sensations but a powerboat. Huh...
  14. Jackdaw

    The kind of year it has been

    More 2020 weirdness. I quite often post sailing pictures and vids to my FB account, most often racing shots under spinnaker, but some times Jodi and I cruising. And they get liked and commented on by a wide cross section of my friends. Usually full of action and speed. But this year, my most...
  15. Jackdaw

    Did the U-Gotta Regatta

    Or at least TRIED to. Last weekend. In the last 12 days, there have been 10 days with perfect breeze in the mid-teens here in Minneapolis. Wanna guess what two days had nothing? Sat forecast: nothing really all day. Yep. Driving the WYC early Saturday morning and the flags were hanging limp...
  16. Jackdaw

    Wait for it...

    Jodi and I sailed in the double-handed fleet in the WYC Fall Regatta last weekend. 2nd day was breezy, hung around 20 all day. PHRF started right before us, and there was carnage; a collision in the pre-start; and then this right in front of us on the first upwind.
  17. Jackdaw

    Pretty her up

    Every couple of years I sand down all BlueJ’s brightwork and hit it with 3 coats of Cetol. Wood suffers on a raceboat. Does not add speed, but looks great. Let’s see how it helps in our Fall Regatta.
  18. Jackdaw

    Not a BOGO, but close

    WM skipped their BOGO on Lewmar winches this year, but Defender is coming very close with this current sale For instance, a Lewmar 16ST is normally sells for $936, but can be had for now for $493, and that include a snazzy one-handed Lewmar winch handle worth 144 bucks. Nice deal...
  19. Jackdaw

    On the beach

    A report from a Dutch friend of mine. A fine read of race report, with an unexpected ending In still temperate climes the sailing season has its own rhythm and rituals. In early spring the daffodils and crocuses emerge first, a welcome sign that it is warm enough to thanklessly scrape...
  20. Jackdaw

    The importance of pre-race warmups

    Last weekend @cb32863 and I double handed BlueJ in 12-16 knots, gusting to 22. W/L 3 legs. Our WYC double-hand fleet starts last in our start sequence, right after our regular PHRF spin fleet. As we had lots of time, we scouted the racecourse in depth, and found the breeze was remarkably...