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  1. Meriachee

    Main sheet rigging

    I may have posted this already, and if I did, apologies, but here's a couple of shots of the mainsheet rigging on the 270, which is a variation of the original design, and way, way easier to operate.
  2. Meriachee

    Main sheet rigging

    Here's a couple of shots of ours, it's also a 6:1, but with the block setup, it can be either a 6:1 or 3:1, and there's nothing wrong with mid boom sheeting, everything on a sailboat is a compromise, and Gerry designed the fleet to have as little "junk" in the cockpit as possible, so what you...
  3. Meriachee

    Main sheet rigging

    This routing is just a variation on the original, and as John said, change those two items and it should be just fine.
  4. Meriachee

    Rig tuning physics

    Google fact checks?
  5. Meriachee

    Rig tuning physics

    I'm staying away from the strands and wraps bit of the conversation. The book says X on the Loos, before the boom goes on and that's worked well thus far! (of course, in classic Catalina style, you need both Loos to properly do the deed)
  6. Meriachee

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    I've seen that kite before. Thanks! It was probably the only day this year you could see across the lake, and we did get some great shots. Here's a bit of video from Tony's drone.
  7. Meriachee

    Rig tuning physics

    Ralph is just annoyed because he only has one set of spreaders. :dancing:
  8. Meriachee

    Top down furler

    You have to get it to roll neatly. That's not so easy to do, I find the top 5 feet sometimes does not want to unroll, and when rolled it's quite tight while the bottom is sloppy. It's all about controlling the sail while it's rolling up, if you watch this closely, he talks about where the sheet...
  9. Meriachee

    Boats at the lake

    Yeah, there's all kinds of BC license plates here in Oilberta these days and a sign going west at the border suggesting that "we shoot on sight".
  10. Meriachee

    Boats at the lake

    Here's a few shots of the boats at the lake, and our home made top down furler in action flying the creamsicle kite.
  11. Meriachee

    I would like to purchase a Catalina 270.

    We don't post for sale items in the forums. However, if somebody waved a large bank draft under my nose (larger by an order of magnitude than the boat is worth) I would appease Brian and Phil with lunch and beg forgiveness. ha ha.
  12. Meriachee

    Summer in the Salish Sea

    Excellent work. Take the rest of the day off! :beer:
  13. Meriachee

    How to remove 30 yr. old tape.

    Hire Trimline. The $100 is very very well spent.
  14. Meriachee

    Scrub the bottom-paint or leave it be ?

    There is one upside to Covid, few of the staff will be returning, so we're probably safe. Best to go there and find out as soon as it is safe to do so.
  15. Meriachee

    Bottom paint

    You would be a very rich person of you worked out a way to peel it off in the water.
  16. Meriachee

    Summer in the Salish Sea

    Better get after it. :) It's going to come fast this year.
  17. Meriachee

    Summer in the Salish Sea

    Went to check today. I dont think we are quite there yet.
  18. Meriachee

    What's one thing on your boat that drives you crazy!

    Scotty, its the only way. :). Particularly when the stupid buzzer wont, unless it wants to, which is tied to the removal if the multimeter from the tool box. Cursed i tell you.
  19. Meriachee

    Keel spacer replacement

    You should know by now @Ralph Johnstone , that us Catalina owners have our own lingo. Oh wait, dont they also call that Canadian?
  20. Meriachee

    Loading a Catalina 30 MK11 trailer 1st time

    Floating one on and off the trailer isn't hard, but you need to take the time to set it up or get it set up right. Keel guides and a robust keel stop are essential for stress free loading.