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    Jeremy McGeary is no longer with us.

    Appears he was 71 and melanoma was the cause.
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    Cruising Itinerary 10 days in Maine

    Midcoast Maine provides the most options for a 10 day itinerary. Use Rockland as your 'base' for supplies and head across towards Vinalhaven and surrounds. Pulpit Harbor, Seal Bay, Merchants Row, Eggemoggin Reach, Castine, Blue Hill Bay (to gain respite from the lobster buoys, but not...
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    New Anchoring Restrictions in Georgia

    This law pretty well screws the untended free pumpout facilities that will not be able to keep their side of the record keeping requirements. Likewise, any portable pump out devices often used in marinas--who will keep the shore records?
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    Special Anchorage

    A flashing strobe is not a legal anchor light. Folks do use them because they are easily seen. However, my biggest beef with flashing strobes is the difficulty in determining their distance away from me.
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    Aluminium or Fiberglass HULL good and bad of both??

    Wood rots, fiberglass delaminates or blisters, aluminum and steel corrode. Rigging fails, engines fail, sailors fail, keels fall off. There is a 'horror' story for every scenario. Which is better is not the correct question...
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    Decal Renual

    Indeed the Schengen Agreement pretty much eliminates borders effectively within the EU. But coming into that area from Canada was also very easy. They may be checking the people/passport but there was almost NO evidence that there was any interest in luggage. Entering Canada from there was...
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    Decal Renual

    Having just made a trip to Europe via Canada (coming and going), I must say that border controls are magnitudes less cumbersome than US customs entry. Fortunately, I also have NEXUS so actually re-entering the US from Canada was pretty painless as well. Doubtless, if one had a little 'past'...
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    Penobscot Bay is vast.

    I cruised one season in Maine on my 41' cat. 2 vertical daggerboards, 2 vertical rudders and 2 sail drives. Some places I couldn't actually get between the lobster buoys and had to straddle some! (Hurricane Island area) Drug a few pots out of position a few times, made the 'wrong' match...
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    Quick question..halyard slapping in nearby boat, in marina.

    Just fix it already! 3 minutes work. What's he going to do? Call the police?
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    Still outraged and need to vent

    My observations over the years, anecdotally of course, is that the stretch of coast that includes Port Clyde, Tenants Harbor and Friendship is perhaps the least 'pleasure' boat friendly stretch of the Maine coast. The 'working waterman' snobbery runs deep in these parts....
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    Canadians Cruising in US

    One other technical nuance for the Salish Sea and Nexus holders. While calling in is usually all that is necessary, they 'may' still require you to go to a Port of Entry for more formalities. I suspect this might happen if you had anything to declare or your answers were such that they wanted...
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    Sailing days over? How about a house boat?

    Off and on, I've thought about approaching the 'floating summer cottage' from the opposite direction. In my dreams I have a self propelled, floating dock that is anchored/moored. This dock would be big enough to hold a dinghy on davits, well sound insulated generator and a large fuel, water...
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    Photoday, Fearless Youth!

    I was in high school when I was allowed to take our boat out on camping trips in Casco Bay. That feeling of freedom and independence (and parental trust) was pretty cool. I'm sure that and just plain growing up with boats was critical to my being a life long sailor---both professionally and...
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    Southbound 3 (Third of a series)

    Umm, you just have to go north a few miles, okay, 1500+ miles. Having now done the ICW to FL a couple times, I'd say that while the ICW is unique and interesting in its own right, the Inside Passage from the S end of the Salish Sea on up to Juneau (as far as I've been, with some few gaps along...
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    We said goodbye to a lovely spot to anchor in 2017.

    1) Put a few 'destination moorings' down with a 10# mushroom anchor. 2) Wait for a thunder squall or front to pass thru 3) Offer a tow..... for a 'small' fee Seriously, to Michael D's point... Exactly HOW does one know whether they can safely lie on a mooring of unknown condition, size, etc???
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    ICW Charleston to Brunswick Ga.

    Made the same trip this past January. Good planning is essential, including possible/probable bail out spots, anticipated weather and tides/currents, and constant monitoring of progress. Biting off too big a chunk of travel distance in a day is unwise. Calling and reserving slips by mid-day...
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    Photoday! I nominate the Fox Island Thoroughfare,...

    Tom, loved the Thoroughfare--hated the lobster buoys. I'll nominate the Salish Sea!
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    Marina Neighbors

    I was wondering the same. E-40 Cap Sante, for me.
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    The transformation is almost complete!

    I suppose a builder could want to run things a bit before they hand off to the owner... I can see initial sea trials' vs 'acceptance trials'.
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    The transformation is almost complete!

    That doesn't make any sense to me either. I thought Sea Trials are to determine and ensure that the boat being delivered to the owner meets the owner's expectations...