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  1. VanIslandGuy

    What is the best anchor for a 2006 Hunter 38?

    We've used Bruce, Danforth and CQR anchors in the past. None of them set as easily and hold as well as our Rocna. We use the 25 kg Rocna with 200' chain and 150' rope on our H410.. We also have started using as a snubber the mantus bridle which is around 30' each side with a chain hook that...
  2. VanIslandGuy

    Poor venting by design

    I have found that Zaal Noflex Digestor works better than odorlos or any other product for eliminating odours from the holding tank/head hoses. I would definitely consider a second vent to the tank on the shortest run as possible. Way cheaper and less work than adding the sweet system by Groco.
  3. VanIslandGuy

    Hunter 410 moisture meter

    That is below the average I've seen last time I was in a brokers office looking at the US/Canadian listings/sell price list. Back then (3 years ago) it was around 115k. Boat positives. 1) Sails well, motors well. Nicest sailboat I've used this size for close quarter manoeuvring, however in...
  4. VanIslandGuy

    Hunter 410 moisture meter

    Hi Capt John, Can't help you with the moisture meter issues, but we've been sailing and refitting a 1998 Hunter 410 for the last three years. What other questions can I answer for you? You can download the owners manuals from this site and they are fairly detailed. The manufacturer is also...
  5. VanIslandGuy

    Shower Sump Pump

    Hi Jeff, you can get them with either a single or dual inlet model.
  6. VanIslandGuy

    Shower Sump Pump

    1+ on what a great pump the Whale Grey Water IC is. We replaced two attwood sump boxes on our boat and couldn't be more happy we did. Never need to do any real service other than once or twice a season I run a little water with zaal noflex digestor through the lines to keep it all clean.
  7. VanIslandGuy

    Yanmar power loss

    Rather than guessing you have coolant in your oil, why not get a sample of it tested to be 100% certain. It sure beats starting a head gasket job if that isn't the the cause.
  8. VanIslandGuy

    Yanmar power loss

    Does it make the sound only when in gear or also when in neutral?
  9. VanIslandGuy

    Would You Consider Dinghy Rings vs. Davits

    We just installed davits from Ocean Marine this week. I like backing into my slip and still can quite easily with our new davits. I can also leave the motor on the dingy while hoisted. Looking at the davit ring system site, both your view astern is reduced, and you can't leave the motor on...
  10. VanIslandGuy

    Reversing The above book really helped me out. I can't recommend it highly enough. Stu's response is bang on. Get out in flat open water, pick a point on land behind your boat to point at. Stand in front of your wheel looking...
  11. VanIslandGuy

    2001 410- any insight?

    I'd be very interested in pics and a report on your thruster. With the pullman forward berth the only thruster we thought would fit would be an external one. For Sofa King, my wife and I are another set of happy owners (since 2016). Boat sails well, backs up easily, and has a really nice...
  12. VanIslandGuy


    Our choice of this specific taffeta was not based on looks, but that locally it has been standing up the best against mildew, and moisture issues of all the cruising laminates. Especially for sailors that keep their sails on all year through the Canadian Wet Coast winter who want to be able to...
  13. VanIslandGuy

    Thoughts on dinghies?

    I've had a solid tender, an inflatable with a wood slat floor, and an aluminum RIB. The solid tender rowed the nicest, but otherwise was my least favourite dingy. If I ever was to consider a solid tender again I'd likely go with a porta-bote style to make storage less of an issue. The pure...
  14. VanIslandGuy

    New Sails for our 410

    Hi Steve, Mainsail P : 45.45 ft E : 19.25 ft Sail Area: 578.24 sq. ft CXTech20 - 9.3 oz., four full battens, power head main, 2 reefs. Jib I : 47.75 ft J : 16.15 ft Sail Area: 404.05 sq. ft CXTech15 - 7.3 oz., vertical battens at the leech. You or the sail designer should measure your own rig...
  15. VanIslandGuy

    New Sails for our 410

    As it was a negotiated contract I won't disclose it online. We gave the loft the entire winter to complete the sails. Since we ordered 2 sails, plus a stack pack they discounted the entire order by 20%. The prices on the other items like blocks and line was comparable to Defender online. The...
  16. VanIslandGuy

    New Sails for our 410

    New Sails by VanIslandGuy posted May 18, 2019 at 2:08 PMLast year our boat Freewill turned twenty. The sails were original. The boat still sailed remarkably well with the old sails, but I found that to keep heel under control I was keeping the traveller a lot lower than I wanted, and keeping the...
  17. VanIslandGuy

    Shower sumps Hunter Passage 456

    1+ on this. We replaced our Attwoods with Whale Grey Water IC. Much better design avoids leaving trapped water standing in a box which can lead to boat smells etc.
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    New Sails by VanIslandGuy posted May 18, 2019 at 2:08 PMNew Sails by VanIslandGuy posted May 18, 2019 at 2:08 PMNew Sails by VanIslandGuy posted May 18, 2019 at 2:08 PM
  19. VanIslandGuy


    New sails are finally here and have been tested. Very, very pleased!
  20. New Sails

    New Sails

    UK Sails, cruising laminate, carbon taffeta, vertical batten headsail, full batten mainsail, Dimension Polyant CXtech.