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    Battery, Charge controller, switch wiring - clean slate

    As Maine Sail said, we really need to know more about your usage. For example what systems will you have? In particular will/does the boat have refrigeration. Do you have an autopilot that you will use a lot when sailing? Those are likely your two biggest power users and will determine both...
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    Aluminium or Fiberglass HULL good and bad of both??

    The incidence of thru hull failure is vanishingly small. If you are really concerned about it go with marelon (fiber reinforced plastic), which will eliminate galvanic corrosion. As far as your prop and rudder shaft penetrations are concerned I would recommend traditional stuffing boxes which...
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    Aluminium or Fiberglass HULL good and bad of both??

    There are lots of different aluminum alloys. Some have good corrosion resistance and some don't. If the right alloy is used and care is taken to avoid galvanic corrosion, then aluminum is a very good material for boat building. As noted above many large yachts are built in aluminum. There...
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    Thats a wrap....2018 season officially over for me.

    I hauled out on Tuesday (the 23rd). I took sails down last Friday and did all my winterization (oil change, water system, washdown pump, head) except the engine over the weekend. Tuesday morning I motored over to the ramp and was able to tie up easily as the light east wind blew me onto the...
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    Thats a wrap....2018 season officially over for me.

    I just scheduled my haulout earlier this afternoon. Seaquestor will come out (weather permitting) the morning of the 23rd. That leaves me 10 days to get a couple more sails in and strip the boat for haulout. So far October has been cold and I find I no longer enjoy sailing when I am cold.
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    Winterizing water tank... vodka or pink stuff?

    Although I grew up in Western Washington, I now live on the coast of Maine where is does get a bit fresh in the winter and we do winterize our boats. Here is my procedure. 1. Drain water heater. Disconnect input and output lines and connect them together to bypass the heater. 2. Drain the...
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    Penobscot Bay is vast.

    My contribution to the new cruising guide. Merchant row between Deer Isle and Isle Au Haut has many beautiful islands. Access is easy to all of the islands. As you approach the island of your choice your propeller will be secured to multiple lobster trap lines so no anchoring will be...
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    Will it hold?

    Rigging Only ( in Fairhaven, MA can get a turnbuckle to you in one day. If you must sail lash it with dyneema or equivalent. Fortunately it is only a lower, so you are unlikely to lose the spar and there is no risk of your spar buckling as mentioned above.
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    Photoday!! How many miles of painters tape is pulled off in boatyards this week?

    I used 360 yards of blue tape this Spring. I just pulled the last tape today. That was for two boats though. Tortuga takes a lot of tape. Just masking around the windows takes almost a full roll. Seaquestor went in on My 15 and Tortuga goes in tomorrow. I had a great sail yesterday in near...
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    Fine sandpaper and paint brushes, hear it?

    It must be nice to have that much room between boats. I can barely fit a hand between boats on my port side and certainly can't get a ladder or staging plank in there. If all goes well I will be painting the port side tomorrow - a 4" foam roller has about 3/4" clearance. I taped plastic...