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  1. Tod

    Jeremy McGeary is no longer with us.

    I was always under the impression he was a relatively young man; sorry to hear he has passed.
  2. Tod

    The Next Thing.....

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Choose your time period to promote your agenda? Can't fight the message, so shoot the messenger (notrickzone)... Before the...
  3. Tod

    The Next Thing.....

    tax me harder, daddy!
  4. Tod

    The Next Thing.....

    Great news! The desert areas are greening! However, after a few years of being pretty open, last year, cruise ships were forced to cancel planned...
  5. Tod

    New Anchoring Restrictions in Georgia

    Decaying plant material is unrelated to Lake Erie's dead zone, according to a study by Zhou et al.
  6. Tod

    swim platform

    Oh, here's one more. This guy built his whole boat. If you poke around, you might find better pictures than what you see on this page. I googled Justin Pipkorn Just Right to find this page; there are probably others on the web. It is kind of a similar concept as on the Tanzer that DArcy...
  7. Tod

    table hardware for saloon

    I'm a little late to the party, but here is something to consider:
  8. Tod

    swim platform

    This guy built one for his 26' boat. Skip to 8:40 to see it.
  9. Tod

    Welland Canal Transit?

    This You Tube channel I follow does:
  10. Tod

    Speak of the devil

    My brother's scout merit badge booklet for lifesaving/swimming
  11. Tod

    Mooring to a ring.

    If you don't happen to have a dowel, you can also just do a chain stitch that will release similarly quickly just by pulling on the bitter end. It was standard procedure at the college sailing club, where boats were staying at the dock for a short time. I don't recall any ever drifting off...
  12. Tod

    Don't know where Weds is photo day went, but here's an old one

    This would date back to about '75 or '76. My first boat, bought with paper route income. That's me walking the boat away from shore and a cousin aboard. It was probably the next year I added a little bowsprit and a home-made jib (sewing courtesy Mom). This boat had a centerboard, rather than...
  13. Tod

    Battery, Charge controller, switch wiring - clean slate

    Some really great info can also be found at the Pacific Yacht Systems you tube channel: Some of the videos were boat show seminars they recorded. I found them very helpful and will no doubt refer to them again as I wire my Tartan.
  14. Tod


    What, no bimini? /s <=== designates end of sarcasm ;-) Looks like she has some tumblehome going on there.
  15. Tod

    Cruising the Lake Erie Islands

    It is very rare to find people who will sail in light air. Or heavy air. Many a time I've almost been alone in sailing, while nearly all the sailboats are motoring. For example, in this pic I was sailing from PIB back to Sandusky (that's Kelleys in the pic), and in that stretch between South...
  16. Tod

    Cruising the Lake Erie Islands

    One big difference I've found between sailing on the Chesapeake Bay from, say the Choptank south, and the area around the Lake Erie Islands, is that in light air, the Chesapeake gets nice and glassy calm due to the very low numbers of powerboaters and the sailing is exquisite. On Lake Erie in...
  17. Tod

    Photoday!! A tender for life?

    No such grace and style here, sorry.
  18. Tod

    Changed my picture

    Nice! Did Captain K take that?
  19. Tod

    Flotation Vest

    That would be my guess too, All U Get.
  20. Tod

    Flotation Vest

    Hamilton Marine lists a Kent "rogue fishing vest" not USCG approved, with 12# buoyancy, for 79.99