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  1. Bosman

    Honors at the prom!

    Congratulations! You look sharp in a suit ;-)
  2. Bosman

    Lazy Jacks

    My lazyjacks/lazybag control blocks are mounted on the mast above the spreaders, about 3/4 mast height.
  3. Bosman

    Need for speed

    I found this on the german website. This little thing will apparently do 30 knots. @Jackdaw - would this be fast enough for you? No cabin, but you would need a longer lake quickly ;-) This is from last year and might have been posted already, fun to watch nevertheless.
  4. Bosman

    Show us your boat name!

    Is it summer yet? It was -8F this morning :wahwah:
  5. Bosman

    PEX vs Reinforced PVC

    Reinforced PVC will not crack if frozen - I speak from experience. Not sure about PEX.
  6. Bosman

    Coast 250 - power sailor from UK. S

    I did not find pricing, but I was not looking. Based on dimensions, this boat *should* fit in a sea-can, so shipping cost will be reasonable (considering anything sailing related is expensive and it is not an inexpensive hobby). I feel that considering declining sales of sailboats world-wide, a...
  7. Bosman

    Coast 250 - power sailor from UK. S

    How do I edit title? There is an S that should not be there....
  8. Bosman

    Coast 250 - power sailor from UK. S

    I am not into power sailors. Not my cup of tea. With that in mind, I run onto this new boat out of UK - Coast 250 by Swallow Yachts. I have to say it is surprisingly refreshing and not bad looking at all. The company must have been following closely the demise of MacGregor/Tatoo line and at...
  9. Bosman

    On the bricks

  10. Bosman

    On the bricks

    My first thought: Schräge Musik. It is WW2 upward firing weapon. Was very successful German design.
  11. Bosman

    Adhesive Non-Skid

    Another solution, before it becomes rebranded on this side of the pond.
  12. Bosman

    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

    I always liked the lines of the 349 and this boat will be on my list should I move to a larger sailing area in the future.
  13. Bosman

    Boat Capacity Limits

    At times I bring home some regulatory guides to read (work related)....I usually fall asleep at very accelerated rate :)
  14. Bosman

    Boat Capacity Limits

    Ha, the PDF is saved and I plan to digest it at my bedtime. Hopefully tonight. Unless I fall asleep. Thank you dlochner. Thank you Jackdaw for your input. I know of number of boats (sail) that have "floating" CE cert based on the occupancy, for example CE B-4 or C-6.
  15. Bosman

    Boat Capacity Limits

    I am not trying to start a fiery debate, but that information (no requirement for capacity label) could indicate the vessel has not gone through any sort of real life testing about the safety and righting forces based on occupancy? Has this changed for new(er) boats sold in US? Just curious.
  16. Bosman

    Boat Capacity Limits

    According to the formula in the link, I can have 18 people onboard on my S27!!! (27x10)/15 =18 According to the manufacturer's plate (CE Cat B) on the boat, maximum 6 people onboard. I'll stick to the manufacturer's plate capacity.
  17. Bosman

    Anyone tried the cheap Chinese Wind Tubines?

    There are more choices here:
  18. Bosman

    stack-pak issues

    Perfect: Run the lazyjack control line back to cockpit and secure with Spinlock PXR cleat.
  19. Bosman

    Can You Deploy your swim ladder from the water ?

    Yes, I can deploy the swim ladder from the water.
  20. Bosman

    stack-pak issues

    Pat, We do have a member at the marina with 272LE and lazybag - he is out on the water all the time and to the best of my knowledge has no issues with his lazybag system. I'd say your setup needs some 'tweaking'... please note how the lazyjack lines are run on this boat.