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  1. mdibella

    ST6001 Doesn't Track Under Sail

    I've got an Raymarine ST6001 on my First 36.7. It seems to track the course well enough under auxiliary power in a flat seaway, but it loses tracking in disturbed seas or under sail. In particular when sailing in moderate winds with weather helm, the pilot will quickly veer to leeward in a...
  2. mdibella

    First 36.7 Binnacle Bedding

    Looking for some advice on rebedding the binnacle on my 2006 First 36.7. This model year has the wheel mounted on a fiberglass structure with a broad base secured to the cockpit floor with a series large of stainless panhead screws. I'm getting a small amount of water intruding between the...
  3. mdibella

    First 36.7 Head Sump Pump

    I'm trying to figure out why the shower sump on my 2006 First 36.7 isn't pumping out. The drain is clear. The pump located behind the port upper settee cushion runs when the switch in the head is closed. All the strainers are clear. There appears to be a second pump under the galley sink...