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  1. tkwhalen

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Interesting, I never knew I could enclose the a/c units to reduce sound. I just assumed that would cause some kind of over heating problem. Thanks Mark you just may have made my wife happy; assuming I have 1/4 your skills and can figure out how to enclose the units.
  2. Dockside Tobamory.JPG

    Dockside Tobamory.JPG

  3. tkwhalen

    Ok Kids Help me solve a disagreement

    To start I have to agree life is easier if I declare her correct which I'd love to do buuut as soon as I do she will demand pictures of the original set up so I can set ours up the same way which I can't produce. String would work for opening but not closing a stiff wire could do both but...
  4. tkwhalen

    Wind Generator Shopping

    Agree with all your input and understand the limitations I'm facing but my current sole objective is more sleep at anchor. In a couple of years I plan to move the boat south from the great lakes; at that point I will be shopping solar and long term cruising solutions and the wind generator will...
  5. tkwhalen

    Ok Kids Help me solve a disagreement

    Hey Greg ... good suggestion but the door with the latch on it has an aluminum L bracket that runs it's full length on the outside that holds the other door closed and provides a water tight ( I use that term loosely) seal.
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  7. Quenched at PIB.jpg

    Quenched at PIB.jpg

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    Quenched Anchored.jpg

  9. tkwhalen

    Wind Generator Shopping

    I've begun wind generator shopping research reading etc. My main objective is spread out the time between generator runs allowing for a longer over night sleep. I have 2 frigs and 2 freezers on board running them along with my anchor light and cabin fans I hit 11.9 volts about 6AM after going to...
  10. tkwhalen

    Ok Kids Help me solve a disagreement

    Attached are 2 pictures of the companion way doors on our boat. In one you can see the latch at the bottom that holds the doors shut as you close the companion way and latch it. In the other you can see a block with it cove routered into it. To set up the question properly my wife hates leaning...
  11. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49/50 salon A/C replacement

    good to know
  12. tkwhalen

    Shore water feed

    On my shore water input there is a valve on my water manifold that must be switched on in order for the shore water to enter the system. If it's closed entering shore water stops there and it may be why you are receiving so much back pressure at the hose connection.
  13. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49/50 Mamba steering issue

    Good to know thanks for the heads up
  14. tkwhalen

    Considering Hunter 49 Purchase !

    My 49 is a cutter rig. I recently replaced all my sails with North 3Di Nordac sails. I spent around 17k to 18k for all three (Main, Jib, Staysail) As mentioned by others it sails much better with the new sails vs the factory sails. (of course my factory sails were 12 years old). I also have an...
  15. tkwhalen

    Outboard Motor Mount on Stern Pushpit - 2005 Hunter 36

    Somebody makes a clam on vertical bar that you clam to the rail below and if sticks up into the motor mount to stabilize it. Not sure who makes it but I a buddy how has on on his boat. I'll ask but his answer may be as worthless as my post.
  16. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 Staysail

    opps missed one ... The tang that the furler is attached to goes through the deck into the sail locker. The backing plate for the tang is in the vberth. If you have questions or want additional pictures let me know.
  17. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 Staysail

    TJ Here are the pictures I promised you. See second page for last picture.
  18. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 Staysail

    My boat is currently on Lake Erie and I am in Florida. I will next be on board around April 1. The set up is identical to the forward sail same furler and same furler foil etc. I will send anything you want but pictures of where and how it is attached may bring you the most value.
  19. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 Staysail

    My 49 has the factory stay sail. Best times with it are in heavy air using it and a reefed main the boat sails nice, and every thing feels stable, you very much feel in control. Worst times with it is in light air when there isn't sufficient wind to push the forward jib through the slot. Many...
  20. tkwhalen

    49 Owners and probably other large boat owners

    Artboas I've done a little more research and I've run across an explanation that I'm trying to tie into your comments. My understanding is that isolation transformer uses a 12volt signal to check ground and if it doesn't get sufficient feedback it isolates the boat eliminating the shore power...