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  1. Syntonos

    Sunforce Marine 600watt Wind Generator

    Hello All, I'll be working on an older Sunforce Marine 600 wind generator in the near future, with an internal noise. I would like to identify what alternator they are using prior to disassembly. Internet searches and customer support has been futile other than schematic and a parts...
  2. Syntonos

    More Yamaha 25 prop shaft Questions

    Does anyone know the O.D. of the cutlass bearing? while the shaft is 22mm ( 7/8) the O.D. of off the shelf 7/8 cutlass bearing is a much larger diameter. I have no problem turning down the OD. I need the strut I.D. before tearing out the old cutlass. Any help from the Y25 crows feel free to...
  3. Syntonos

    Y25 II Manual in PDF

    Here it is, knew I had it somewhere.
  4. Syntonos

    Y25 Masthead Rebuild : The Ups and Downs

    Ok, what was planned for 3 days took 7 due to weather and extra time required figuring out how to stuff a 2 inch (50mm) 3/8 rope sheave into the space previously occupied by 1 inch (25mm) wire sheaves. This all started when the jib sheave had froze up because of a lack of exercise due to...
  5. Syntonos

    Y25 Masthead Rebuild

    Hello All, Does anyone know the main / jib halyard sheave size? I need the diameter and bore size. I'll be pulling the mast on Syntonos next week and would like to have the them in hand to reduce my down time. Thanks, Syntonos
  6. Syntonos

    That's Better ! Y25-II

    That's Better Y25-II OK, After a bit of time whittling wood, refastening all the hardware with ss-nutserts, thru bolting the new high load stand up Block (ronstan) and a general going over I hope to have a stronger dog house. 36 years of tugging on all the hardware had taken its toll...
  7. Syntonos

    Thats not Good ! Y25-II

    Had a halyard block failure on our first real shakedown sail with the new sails on Syntonos. Weather threw us a curve with chute up. Boat was very comfortable in the 12+ winds buzzing along at 7+knots . I happened to be filming at the time of failure. You can view the video on you-tube...
  8. Syntonos

    Y25-II, Ullman sails

    First look at my new Ullmans, Main -Navigator Dacron Headsail -115% tri-axis laminate construction Spinnaker- ebay special, North asymmetrical with "interesting" color scheme. The blue stripe sealed the deal as the #'s I needed were there and the chute is like new at 1/3 the cost. As it...
  9. Syntonos

    Navik windvane on a Y25

    Hey Furdui, you must be telepathic ! Actually what you see in the pics is my kayak rack on the swim ladder. I do have a Navik windvane that has yet to be installed. It is going to take a lot of head scratching to figure out how to attach it centerline (as it should be) while retaining the swim...
  10. Syntonos

    por15 paint on steel keel

    Has anyone had experience with por15 rust paint on their steel keel? The process looks sound for boat applications, I'm just concerned about bottom paint adhesion.