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    Changing aft heads toilet from manual to electric Legend 41AC

    Hi all, Thinking of changing the current Jabsco manual twist n lock aft heads toilet to an electric version. Anyone done this conversion and was it simple enough? What model electric toilet people recommend (Jabsco?). Fresh water or salt water flush (which is quieter etc)? Thanks LMA
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    Improving NoveKool fridge and freezer performance to reduce amps usage

    Hi all, We have a 2004 H41AC and have the original NovaKool fridge and the freezer installed. Aware that they are now 17 years old, they still both work but are quite power hungry which is an issue when at anchor, as even with 500w of solar and generating about 20A we are still just about...
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    H41AC fuel level gauge just packed up!

    Hi all, Today the multi function gauge on our H41AC (Snake river?) has decided that it will show we have no diesel fuel in the main tank when in reality we have 3/4. This was working fine yesterday but not now and nothing has changed. So, is there any way to test the sender unit in the tank...
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    H41 settee removal and replacing?

    Hello all, we are looking at getting the interior cushions of our H41AC renewed in a different colour. The port side removable cushions are easy enough for the upholsterer to do but what about the stbd side settee. Has anyone removed this and then put it back in? Does it split in half to be...
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    Disconnect freezer box in nova kool fridge

    Hi all, our nova kool fridge has the small freezer box part in top right hand corner that gets very iced up easily so is there any way to disconnect that part but still keep the fridge going?
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    Bilge paint colour h41ac

    Hi all, Want to repaint the bilges on out H41ac (year 2004) and does anyone know what the actual colour for the bilge is, as it is like an off white? Other option I suppose is to just paint the bilges white? Cheers
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    Strengthen H41AC cockpit table support system

    Hi all, Had anyone managed to find a decent way to make the rather flimsy cockpit table support system in a Legend 41AC stronger, as the single arm support does not support the table leaf that well and is can be rather "wobbly" shall we say! Thanks LMA
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    H41ac standard novakool fridge and freezer condenser drains?

    Hi all, Do the standard fit novakool fridge and freezers (in a 41ac) have a drain for the condenser that may cause some fresh water to accumulate in the bilge? Thanks Lma
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    Simpson Lawrence Windlass manual use

    Hello all, We have the factory fit windlass on our H41AC and although it works fine using the electric motor, what do we do if that fails to raise the chain? I have looked in the manual and it says to use a winch handle to undo the centre part (blue in the image) and then use the winch handle...
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    Sealant for chain plate area H41?

    Hello all, what sealant is used for the external chain plate area on a H41? As want to renew ours.
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    Organising under sink storage h41

    Hello all, just after some inspiration as to the by best way of organising the odd shaped under sink storage area on a legebd 41ac? Cheers
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    H41 inner forestay?

    Hell all, and has anyone installed an inner forestay to their h41ac in order to run an extra headsail for downwind sailing and also for a storm gib if needed? Cheers Lma
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    Interior wood varnish h41ac 2004

    Hello all, We have had an extra shelf made for the forecabin in our H41 AC (2004 year) and it is just plain wood. What stain or varnish colour do we need to get it to match the existing wood? Thanks
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    H41 boat polars

    Hi and does anyone happen to know the boat poplars for a hunter legend 41ac as have predict wind offshore and trying to get the polars inputted to assist with the planning etc. There is a legend 375 in the existing predictwind database as the only hunter model and not sure about using a...
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    Speaker wires from nav station to above companionway cover in a H41AC

    Hello all, Anyone offer any advice on the best way to run speaker wires from the stereo at the nav station to the raised bit above the companionway in a H41AC. Please see pics and any advice welcome!
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    H41 ice maker output. by leemarkadams posted May 9, 2019 at 10:27 PMHello all and can anyone tell me if the ice maker or vaccuflush outlets in the H41 fresh water manifold are outputting without being connected to shore water inlet? As trying to find a good place to...
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    Assmetrical tack attachment point

    Hello all, can anyone please confirm the best tack attachment point is for a cruising chute on a 41ac? Currently using a d shackle through one of the holes in the bow roller and then attach the block for the tack line to that. Is that correct? Thanks
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    Changing saloon blinds on H41

    Hello all, and has anyone changed the pleated blinds in the saloon of an H41 as some of ours have lost their shape and as the boat is now 15 years old looking a it "worn". Has anyone manages to get easy access to the top trim part that hides the blinds when they are up, so I could at least...
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    H41 cockpit speakers placement and fitting

    Hello all, Looking to fit some cockpit speakers to our H41AC and looking for the best place to fit them that is not the stainless arch, as finding it hard top find the best "flat" surface to for them? Thanks LMA
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    Yanmar 4jh3e impeller removal

    Hello all and what is the best and easiest way to remove the impeller from my yanmar 4jh3e engine as want to change it Access is limited due to the starter motor location so any tips greatly appreciated. Dtd