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  1. billk53

    Beneteau 331 shallow draft

    I am looking for rudder specifications on a 331 shallow draft. If anyone knows of one out of the water that I can measure rudder please let me know or if you have specifications on rudder. I have been told that the deep draft is not interchangeable with shallow draft. The boat was damaged in...
  2. billk53

    fixed lights in cabin roof on Beneteau

    Has anyone replaced the fixed lights on cabin roof of Beneteau? If so where did you get the replacements? Is there any special tricks to doing it? Any information will help. Thanks,Bill
  3. billk53

    Play in rudder on 1995 351 Oceanis Beneteau

    Has anyone dropped the rudder on a 351 Beneteau to fix play in shaft
  4. billk53

    zincs on 1995 351 Beneteau

    I know there is a prop zinc but is there any on the heat exchanger? Perkins M30 engine
  5. billk53

    side to side movement rudder

    I have a 1995 351 oceanis, I was cleaning the bottom in the water. I noticed my rudder had side to side movement. Has anyone had this problem? It does not seem to be leaking.
  6. billk53

    Beneteau Syselios parts site

    Has anyone used this parts site? I tryed looking up gelcote color for my Beneteau 351 1995 and it gave me off white. This is not right I am sure.