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  1. joel@CDI

    Removing a kink from a CDI FF2 Furler luff extrusion (Aluminum)

    Our plastic luff extrusions are not compatible with the older Reefer systems which used the aluminum foils. A full system replacement would be required if you can't locate foils second-hand. Parts have unfortunately sold out years ago for these systems. I hope this helps.
  2. joel@CDI

    Hunter H240 furler sail raise/lower

    We now offer a new design for our FF2 halyard top fitting which has a metal sheave in it, no more friction. It makes raising and lowering your sail much easier. You also don't need to lower your mast to take down your sail with our systems. Contact us about the new halyard top fitting 844-379-2407.
  3. joel@CDI

    Where to find T-Ball Eye for CDI furler install

    @PropellerHead Didn't mean to add to the confusion but yes, you don't necessarily need a toggle at the top of the forestay. A T-ball fitting will work just fine at the top. The bottom of the forestay however, absolutely requires a toggle. We're currently working on updating our manuals and this...
  4. joel@CDI

    Where to find T-Ball Eye for CDI furler install

    @PropellerHead We have a Hunter 23.5 as our company boat and use a T-Ball swage fitting as pictured (in the middle) connected to a backing plate. This would be the easiest way to rig your forestay according to our manual. You can find them at West Marine -...