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    Reefing Method Question

    I am trying to learn how to reef my mainsail with my current setup on a 1990 MKII TR. I have a topping lift to support my boom, no vang or boom kicker. My main halyard leads to my cockpit, but everything else appears to happen at the mast. 1. Is it normal to release your topping lift once...
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    Rudder Question: Crack in Fiberglass

    Hello, While working on removing my bearing I noticed a crack in the rudder that looks like it needs repair. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks,
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    Issues removing cutless bearing.

    Hello, A new issue for me. A job that looked easy on youtube is turning out to be very difficult. During a survey, I was told that my cutless bearing should be replaced as there was some movement in my shaft. After having the boat hauled out, I verified the movement. After some research, I...
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    What Color is Your Holding Tank?

    Hello, I was wondering if the holding tank in my 1990 C30 MKII is a replacement. I see some photos on here that are black, mine is opaque white. Part number is correct, think B123... I see that the opening has about a 1/4” dremeled away, so I was wondering if is newer. I about to undertake a...
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    Does anyone know the total length of sanitation hose required for C30?

    Does anyone know the approximate length of sanitation hose required if I wanted to replace it all? I am buying a new head, and would like to replace all the sanitation hoses. Just wondering what the approximate length would be. I would also like to replace the supply hoses, and increase the...
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    Anyone Remove their Hood Furler Drive Unit?

    Hello, I had issues with my furler this year, which is a Hood 707SL. I spoke to Hood (Pompanette) and they recommended pulling the drive unit and shipping it to them for bearing replacement. I was wondering how to remove it. Hood sent me the installation manual, but it's not intuitive on how...
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    Post Process After Soda Blasting Bottom

    Hello, I am going to have my bottom soda blasted and was wondering about what I am getting myself into. I assumed that I would have some work to do after the soda blasting, but not sure how much work is actually involved. I thought at a minimum I would have to sand the bottom, maybe multiple...
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    Coaming Treads Teak C-30 Mk II

    Has anyone refinished the coaming treads on their C30? Mine keep falling off when I step on them, they appear to have been bedded in caulk. I removed them, but now need to remove all the caulk, which is a PITA. I would also like to refinish, but not sure how. Also, they appear to have a...
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    Recommended Instruments for Close Coastal Cruising (Day Sailing)

    Hello, I was wondering what sensors/instruments would be most recommended for coastal day sailing. I just stepped up to a Catalina 30 and I am placing the boat at a marina along the Jersey Shore, I plan on cruising along the coast, maybe traveling across the Delaware Bay and into the...
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    Questions regarding boom and gooseneck.

    Hello, I am new to sailing and have some questions as to rigging on the C22; specifically the boom and how it connects to the mast. Any assistance or help is greatly appreciated. 1. How is the gooseneck of the boom supposed to be connected? In my boat there is a simple screw and bolt...
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    Questions about the running rigging on a C22.

    Hello, I am new to sailing and have some questions as to rigging on the C22; specifically the running rigging. Any assistance or help is greatly appreciated. I am trying to put all the questions in a single posting so you will recognize how green I am. 1. How should the tack of the jib be...
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    Repair or replace main halyards?

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1976 Catalina 22 and have some questions: 1. I have noticed that the Main Halyard's outer sheath of the rope section is torn and only the inner sheath or core of the rope is intact. I would like to replace it, but it appears the only way to do so is by replacing...
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    Any recommendations for fishfinders for depth?

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a fishfinder to use for depth analysis and alerts. I see some that also proved gps and chart plotting services, but I am trying to stay around $150.00. I am interested in the in-hull/shoot-through-hull variety of transducer. Thanks, Snoopy
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    New owner, resources for model/year information?

    Hello, Any sites that detail year by year productions for the C22, specifically what changed in that year, and was it a positive change? I have just purchased a 1976 Catalina 22 that is in okay shape for its age. However, I was wondering what issues are specific to model year runs. I...