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  1. Ameseys

    Mast Builder for Yamaha 33

    Does anyone know the mast builder for the Yamaha 33? I need to replace a gooseneck and this would help a lot. Richard
  2. Ameseys

    Yamaha 33 Site for Trinity

    I'm working on a website for my boat, Trinity. Feel free to have a look - let me know what you think I should add, (or remove). I have lots of documents and pictures. -Richard
  3. Ameseys

    Y33 Manual

    Well, I've sold my 30 and am looking for a Yamaha 33. Does anyone have an owners manual to share? Any survey tips or purchasing advice? Thanks for the help -Richard
  4. Ameseys

    Ten Days Down the Oregon Coast with a Yamaha 30

    I like to take the boat somewhere a couple of weeks in the spring. This year, it was Portland to Newport. Here is a quick video Sakana is running well, but that 12 horsepower yanmar doesn't like to punch through chop. A 15 to 20 kn headwind had her down to 3 knots. I would have preferred to...
  5. Ameseys

    Cabin Top Instrument Box

    I would like to get an instrument box forward of the companionway on my Yamaha 30, but I think it's beyond my fabrication skills. I've attached a picture. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  6. Ameseys

    Yamaha 30 Sail from Seattle

    I bought a neglected Yamaha 30 near Seattle. I spent a few months refitting her and sailed to Portland, Oregon. It was cold and we had to lay over in Neah Bay for weather. You might enjoy the video -Richard
  7. Ameseys

    Cutlass Bearing Size - Yamaha 25/2

    It's time to replace my cutlass bearing in my 1979 Yamaha 25. It is a special order and I should have one on hand before haulout. Does anyone have the dimensions for it? I know it is metric and won't be available locally. It would be great to get suggestions for sourcing one. Thanks in...
  8. Ameseys

    Yamaha 30 - Sales Brochure / Manual

    Does anyone have a sales brochure for a Yamaha 30? I am looking to move up and would like to look at any available literature. It would be great if anyone had survey advice or comments on the boat. I assume the 30 is the bigger, better sister. I am really happy with the quality of my Yamaha...