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  1. ShotgunSlim

    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    When doing line to line work, I have always used paracord on both ropes. I tie several clove hitches on the last 2-3" of the old line and then do the same to the end of the new line. No sewing, no tape residue, the rope union stays flexible and the more you pull on a clove hitch, the tighter...
  2. ShotgunSlim

    Never say never

    While you're buying your bimini, get a tiller extension as well. Nothing beats being able to scoot forward under the shade and still sail. Bonus: your drink stays cooler as well.
  3. ShotgunSlim

    1987 Catalina 22 Battery

    Thanks for the tip but a group 27 battery will not fit in the battery box on a 1986 C-22. I'm not sure about a 1987 though. I've thought about upgrading my battery to a 27 but thoughts of adding more $$, more weight to the stern and having to modify or build something to hold it down keep my...
  4. ShotgunSlim

    Marine Plywood?

    I used a piece of 3/4" oak plywood and mahogany edge trim to re make mine. This is your chance to make something truly one of a kind and set your boat off from all the rest. Just follow the advice above about using a good water resistant finish on it and then proudly go sailing.
  5. ShotgunSlim

    Fall Sailing 2019

    Just a little inspiration for all us working on our boats and waiting for good weather:
  6. ShotgunSlim

    White Christmas in Florida

    Awesome Gene, good for you! I look forward to the seeing the video and more adventures from you.
  7. ShotgunSlim

    37 year old Catalina comes to life...

    Nice video! Like Gene, I recognized Bunces Pass/Mullet Key right off the bat as it was my playground growing up. I learned to sail on Mullet Key bayou in the '70's in those little beer cooler boats, marveling at the seagrass flats and round sandy patches I later learned were old bomb craters...
  8. ShotgunSlim

    Traveler Car Mainsheet

    The sheaves on my '86 were completely gone when I got the boat. I considered trying to find/fabricate and replace them but decided to spend my money on a brand new traveler and go sailing instead. If I recall, it was only about $45 from CD and very easy to install on the boat.
  9. ShotgunSlim

    Weather/Hatch/Crib Board Replacement

    This was my answer to the old and warped original teak hatch boards. A brand new set of mahogany boards with a couple of coats of imitation Cetol from Totalboat.
  10. ShotgunSlim

    The Perfect Hat

    How about a neck gaiter pulled up over the face as far as possible with the hat? I bought a 4 pack a while ago and started wearing them to cover my neck, ears and slowly spreading bald spot on the back of my head. These can also be wetted to help with cooling during the heat of the day.
  11. ShotgunSlim


    I bought the CD mast gates years ago and would put them on when the boat would be on the water for a few days at a time but usually wouldn't bother with them on a day sail and would use a sail stop instead. There was a post somewhere a couple of months ago where the poster modified his CD mast...
  12. ShotgunSlim

    Lateral stability when raising or lowering the mast? A-frame?

    For what it's worth, I've raised the mast nearly every time by myself with just a home made wooden gin pole and the main sheet. With it's 4:1 rigging and a suitable mast crutch installed in the rudder gudgeons, there's not much effort at all providing you carefully lay out all the standing...
  13. ShotgunSlim

    Newb Tales

    That's why this sailor always ties his down haul lines to the halyard or main sail shackles when the sails are off the boat. Losing a halyard up the mast hasn't happened to me yet but the peace of mind is well worth a few seconds tying a knot in a line. It seems that Murphy guy is always...
  14. ShotgunSlim

    Rain under the sliding hatch while trailering ... SOLVED!

    That's a good idea Gene! The one time I had to make a short trip in the rain with my boat, I simply used a roll of 2" wide painters tape over the same area on the pop top and the sliding hatch. It peeled right off at the ramp and did the job quite nicely. I can't tell you how it would do in...
  15. ShotgunSlim

    Well, now I've seen everything.

    Glad to hear you all are OK and I look forward to watching the video! I can attest for the "sudden spark plug syndrome" as well. Mine failed me 50 feet from a dock I was trying to tie up to last year and when it went, it went suddenly, no restarting at all. I ended up raising the main sail...
  16. ShotgunSlim

    Fore-deck Fun

    That's some jam up work there! Great job on the unseen but important parts of the boat. If you're willing to do that kind of quality to the unseen spaces aboard, I can't wait to see your total restoration of the rest of it.
  17. DSC_1243.JPG


    "Bread board" edging is glued on.
  18. DSC_1244.JPG


    The relief cut on the backside of the bottom board really shows the nice contrast between the 2 boards used in construction.
  19. DSC_1246.JPG


    Side view showing the overlapping rabbets used to keep water out.
  20. DSC_1247.JPG


    More rabbet details.