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  1. PaulK

    Trophée Jules Verne

    For you speed demons, the Ultimate Class trimaran Gitana has set off on another attempt to beat the RTW record. They've been averaging better than 30 knots for the past 24 hours, and are more than 100 miles ahead of the record pace at this point. Crossing the equator expected tomorrow...
  2. PaulK

    Vendée Globe?

    Vendée Globe starts Sunday 08NOV2020, at 13h02 Paris time. 33 boats headed RTW singlehanded. Nineteen foilers in the mix. North Sails has made a series of short videos that give a sense of what it's about. Follow the race here...
  3. PaulK

    Socially distant racing?

    Got a survey from our RC today asking about how we might approach racing this season. Doublehanded non-spinnaker? Doublehanded with spinnaker? If additional crew from outside one’s household are allowed - subject to social distancing - how many crew could fit? Wild. Only four boats...
  4. PaulK

    US Sailing Videos

    US Sailing has just come out with a new site to host videos from experts on how to improve your results: May be helpful!