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  1. PaulK

    Limits of a Flicka 20

    Chances that the weather will really pick up are 100%. You just don't want to be there then. The Flicka is not fast enough to outrun every weather system, so it is a good idea to be prepared.
  2. PaulK

    Interesting story about faked AIS signals involving warships

    Seems like it must be easy enough to do, and that it is happening often enough to be an issue. Makes it all the more important to have eyes on watch on deck, not fixed on screens.
  3. PaulK

    Sailing tours/resources for La Spezia, Italy

    These guys seem to offer what you're looking for - day tours on sailboats with a skipper: Tour Giornalieri in barca a vela | Sagi Charter - LA SPEZIA Not cheap. It would help to speak Italian. The Internet can be a wonderful thing.
  4. PaulK

    Sail question

    Loosening the backstay may let the battens pass. What about tightening the backstay, so as to make the mast bend more and pull the battens forward? When our battens get hung up on the backstay we give the backstay a whack, and they part company. To be competitive, we need all the sail area we...
  5. PaulK

    Bayview Mac Race?

    The forecast will definitely change. Different things will happen in different places, too. We had a squall come over up by the Manitous. Huge black cloud with flashes and ominous rumbles for about an hour. We took the sails down and furled them. First came a half inch of hail on deck, where...
  6. PaulK

    Fear of sailing at night?

    We had a night train across the Gulf of Maine, leaving Harpswel at noon on a Saturday, headed home via the Cape Cod Canal. Easterly breeze came up off Portland, and increased as it got dark. We put in a reef for the night and rolled up the jib. We were surfing down 4-5 foot waves at 10-11...
  7. PaulK

    Dark Days

    Did you see the link on my first post in this thread?
  8. PaulK

    Fear of sailing at night?

    Our club has a 65-mile race that starts around 19h00 the second Friday in September. This helps our members overcome any fear of night sailing. Sometimes they put a flashing light on the starting mark so we can see where it is.
  9. PaulK

    Dark Days

    They did have to tweak the sensors a bit. Seems like it worked though.
  10. PaulK

    Fixing a ding in a lead keel

    Being near heated lead is not good for longevity or brain cells. We used a 10 pound sledgehammer. Most ball peen hammers won't be hefty enough.
  11. PaulK

    Wireless System Effectiveness in Northern Climes?

    We had Tacktick (bought out by Raymarine) wireless instruments on our boat for about 20 years. They worked fine everywhere between NYC and Northeast Harbor, ME. The solar array is only to keep the tiny batteries in each unit up to snuff, so not much is needed. Ours only saw light of day when...
  12. PaulK

    Dark Days
  13. PaulK

    Just bought a new (to us) Sabre 402. Have sold the J/36. Lots of memories. More to come.

    Just bought a new (to us) Sabre 402. Have sold the J/36. Lots of memories. More to come.
  14. PaulK

    Putting Fairing/Filler Between Fiberglass Layers? Filling Dimples

    OP doesn't say whether he's using polyester or epoxy resin. My suggestion was based on his using polyester.
  15. PaulK

    Sailboat Deck Paint

    We tried Brightsides on a section of our deck. It lasted about a week. It does not seem to be tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear that decks go through. Some people find it holds up OK on their topsides. We also tried Interdeck. It looks OK for a season, but then starts to wear out...
  16. PaulK

    Putting Fairing/Filler Between Fiberglass Layers? Filling Dimples

    You could try using chopped strand mat instead of cloth to get a thicker layer.
  17. PaulK

    Mattress source

    We went to a local upholsterer for our bunk mattresses(cushions). They offered a wide range of different types of foams with varying degrees of softness. They also came to the boat to measure, for a custom fit. (Adding a "yacht" to their portfolio was worth it to them.) They also had a big...
  18. PaulK

    First Contact! (What are the rules after being hit by another boat?)

    It is definitely not easier to sort it all out with the RC after the race. Protests involve the protestor, the protestee, the Protest Committee and possible witnesses. A protest requires notifying the boat you are protesting, flying the protest flag, informing the RC of the protest, filing the...
  19. PaulK

    First Contact! (What are the rules after being hit by another boat?)

    The Warning signal goes off at 5 minutes. The Prepatory signal goes off at 4 minutes. If you hit before the prep - you weren't racing yet, so how could there be a penalty? Call your insurance company, perhaps, and Colregs determines that his insurance pays any damage, but that would seem to...
  20. PaulK

    Lets talk about DYI shroud swaging.

    There is a big difference between a swaged fitting and a nicopress sleeve. Russ's post, #10, shows the latter. I would not use nicopress sleeves to make shrouds except as an emergency or jury rig.