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  1. Juggernaut

    1988 Irwin 44CC

    Hello all! We just became the proud owners of a 1988 Irwin 44 center cockpit. I was wondering if someone could link me to a page with the running rigging specs? I can't seem to find one. Thanks in advance!
  2. Juggernaut

    Anchor out or pay for transient slip?

    Long Island Sound We cruise Long Island Sound and have only slipped once for the rondayvous. (Although being liveaboards we are in a slip during the week) We love anchoring and know quite a few off the charts spots. A wind-scoop can turn a 2 knot breeze into a comfy draft inside. Once we cut...
  3. Juggernaut

    10th annual Northeast O'day Owners rOnDAYvous

    Well, we won't be able to make it Friday, but should be there about noon on Saturday. I heard something about a restaurant for dinner?
  4. Juggernaut

    2011 O'day rOnDAYvous

    The admiral has school in the evenings now. We have to see when her month of vacation is. :neutral: We'll keep our fingers crossed
  5. Juggernaut

    Some pics of Port Jefferson, NY

    Ok, there were 2 O'Days here so I figure I can post this here, right? Ok folks, here are some pics: Calico Jack and Kalunamoo coming in Jill E and Deja Vu The Village Way. Excellent Grub! How about dem dreads... From way back The party starting and underway Food and Fire Ed, Elain...
  6. Juggernaut

    O'Day 34 in Buzzards Bay?

    Haven't sailed Buzzards Bay yet, but we have gone to Block Island in a southerly with 4 foot chop. She handled it well enough for the admiral to be able to cook lunch. Same thing with Plum Gut. I love our boat and I don't think you'll be disappointed with one.
  7. Juggernaut

    Sailing to Block Island. Some Opinions?

    Ok George, Here's my 2 cents: Go to Block, it's part of New England and everyone should say they've sailed there at least once. DON'T go this time of year. Seas can build to 6 feet real fast and that's no fun on a small boat. Watch your weather carefully when you do go. Blows come up suddenly...
  8. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    Ok, found some more pics: We were so interested in this shabby marina (There are boats in it!) that we missed the harbor channel! What's a bowline??? The race creeps up on us. It actually followed us for 1/2 a mile! Cool wire bird Poaching marina facilities Check you pockets before...
  9. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    That's you guys! No, we missed out on the free beer, dammit. I guess we'll have to sail out there again for that. Are you guys considering the Port Jefferson raft up? August 13-15.
  10. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    10 days on the boat Ok, so I'm a week late posting here. I was waiting for the pics from the other camera to show up, but I'll start with what I have. The Admiral and I hit the boat late Thursday, so after a good nights sleep we headed to the grocery store and got rum, beer, and food. While the...
  11. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    Was a great time Pete! I'll have some pics to post as soon as I get caught up on work!
  12. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    Ok folks, we made it a day early to Greenport. Sterling marina looks nice. Floating docks, nice looking Italian restaurant, ice, pool, and fuel. The town moorings are right outside the marina and they get $1.00/ft/night. Here's the number for the town moorings: 631-375-5845 Ken is the...
  13. Juggernaut

    My O'Day 27 Broken in to, need help

    Holy moly Scott! I'm so sorry to hear about that. Which marina are you in? I have a friend with a 1982 O'Day 28 and I'll check with him on the china cabinet. Maybe I can grab a photo for you today.
  14. Juggernaut

    ODay 28

    Congrats! I would recommend sailing with a friend your first time or two out. The 28 is a great sailing boat and pretty forgiving. Do you have a wheel or tiller?
  15. Juggernaut

    Thru Hull leak

    Why not 5200? It's been a staple in my repair box for a long time.
  16. Juggernaut

    Looking for anchor locker door for a 34

    I agree. Ours has gotten waterlogged and our only option is to remove it and dremel out the underside. I'll probably make it solid glass for strength.
  17. Juggernaut

    Mystery Block - to me....

    Looks like a block for an 80% or a storm jib. Just a guess.
  18. Juggernaut

    2010 O'day rOnDAYvous

    Ok, the number for the harbormaster gave me a private line to a kind gentleman. He told me moorings are first come first served. Anyone get better info than this? The admiral and I will be early!