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  1. ShotgunSlim

    Fall Sailing 2019

    Just a little inspiration for all us working on our boats and waiting for good weather:
  2. ShotgunSlim

    Spring Splash 2018

    It's been too long since I had a chance to drag "Kellie Marie" to the lake and do some sailing. Being hammered at work up to 15 days straight, deaths in the family, graduations, births, there's just been a general lack of quality water time for sailing and fishing. I met Joe and "Mr. Quid" at...
  3. ShotgunSlim

    Some scrap teak, a cool idea...

    I'm a wood hoarder, I admit it...and when I renovated the interior of my '86 C-22, I saved every scrap of teak and teak plywood I thought might come in handy on another day. When I learned my camping and some time sailing friends were starting to turn pens, I dove into my extensive scrap pile...
  4. ShotgunSlim

    Sailing and Camping April 2017

    I had "Kellie Marie" out for a short day sail earlier in the year and took two guests aboard who grew up sailing and know their way around the water but couldn't take the afternoon sun and heat. I had been swapping the bimini off the fishing boat to the C-22 and back again butI finally broke...
  5. ShotgunSlim

    Camping and Sailing-May 2016

    It's looooooonger than it needed to be, but it sure is hard leaving good sailing video out when you sail a new model C22.
  6. ShotgunSlim

    Finally got her out for the day part 2

    Here's the video version of my good day on the water with friends:
  7. ShotgunSlim

    Finally Got her out for a day.

    The last 2 years of spring/summer sailing for me have been marred with tow vehicle trouble: In 2014 I was naive enough to loan my old '97 F-150 to a friend of mine "for a week," as he put it while his truck was in the shop for repairs. Turns out, he needed a whole new motor and the guy doing...
  8. ShotgunSlim

    Scale model slideshow

    For all the snowbound C22 owners out there, I finally cobbled together a little inspiration for you...
  9. ShotgunSlim

    What Bored Sailors do: Part 2

    Here's an update to the thread I started some 5 or 6 months ago when I had just gotten rid of my tow vehicle, was on 12 hour night shifts at work but still had the boat bug. I had been thinking of building a scale model C-22 for years and had accumulated enough scrap/junk materials when a trip...
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    What bored sailors do: part 2

  11. ShotgunSlim

    Finally: A tow vehicle

    After 4 months of working with an auto dealing friend, I finally bought the replacement for my 18 year old Ford F-150. I got everything I wanted and more in this package: 2013 F-150 supercab XLT with the towing package, back up camera, 5.0 liter V-8, trailer sway control, built in trailer...
  12. ShotgunSlim

    What bored sailors do:

    This is what a trailer sailor locked into 12 hour night shifts, no tow vehicle and no decent weather does:.....Sneak into the wood shop for an hour or so every evening to keep their sanity.
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    We love pictures and videos here on the forums and I confess to spending my fair share of time on YouTube watching everyone's videos. So in fairness to all, I finally got my act together and staked out my own little corner of YouTube. So the next time you need to take a break from working on...
  14. ShotgunSlim

    Great day on the water......Finally!!

    After 5 long months of being without a tow vehicle, I FINALLY got back on the water!! I had a beautiful partly cloudy day with some highly variable winds, sometimes I just barely coasted along, sometimes I watched the Windex go in circles and sometimes I was braced up and easing the sheets but...
  15. ShotgunSlim

    Just for Laughs

    For all you sailors patiently awaiting the spring thaw from the 3 feet of snow accumulated at your place up north, the snow didn't skip my place either. This is what I woke up to this morning in the back yard. Looks like between 2-3 inches, not much by anyone's standards but it's enough for...
  16. ShotgunSlim

    Cushion Covers

    I finally finished up the last of the V berth cushion covers I've been working on for the last couple of months. Learning how to do this was not as bad as you might think and I'd encourage any fellow sailors to look into doing it yourself. I was able to re use the original bottom vinyl and...
  17. ShotgunSlim

    Solar Panel Mounting

    I have a 15 watt solar panel I keep hooked up with a charge controller to my battery and was thinking about mounting the panel permanantly to the boat somewhere. I trailer sail and usually stash the panel in the cabin when traveling and when afloat, it's usually in the way somewhere. There just...
  18. ShotgunSlim

    Laminated Tiller Project

    Since I love playing around in the wood shop, working on the boat, making things for the boat, improving the boat and actually sailing the boat, I decided to try my hand at making a laminated tiller. My trial run out of walnut/mahogany turned out looking great but not too functional as some of...
  19. ShotgunSlim

    Cabin curtains

    I got tired of looking at expensive cabin curtain kits for the C22 and finally just did it with some cafe rod brackets, some 1/2" oak dowels sanded and varnished smooth, some material cut up from some thermal backed 48" x 84" curtain panels and some time spent on the sewing machine. I thought...
  20. ShotgunSlim

    Dinette Table II

    Here's the last 3 pictures of my replacement dinette table before I mount the hardware and stick her on Kelly Marie for good. These pictures were taken after 5 coats of Cabot UV resistant, glossy spar varnish with sanding in between coats and it really brought out the grain effects of the wood...