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  1. sailor420

    Strange whining sound at engine cut off - thoughts?

    Our 2000 420 has a single shift/acceleration lever and there is a button at the pivot point that allows you to disengage the transmission by pushing it in and then when you return to neutral/idle setting it reset and will engage the trans
  2. sailor420

    Hunter 410 Air Con Seawater flow

    Longer run, lower velocity to flush out sediment
  3. sailor420

    42 passage Steering

    The quadrant is acessed through either of the two lift up aft storage areas as you step down the aft steps
  4. sailor420

    anchor light

    Well, I need to replace the Aqua Signal series 50 bulb on our 2000 H420. The bulb is not the question. Its how the lens comes apart to replace the bulb? Are special tools needed? Its the first time in 19 years that its needed changed so I haven't given much thought as to what's up there! Any...
  5. sailor420

    Hunter 410 refrigerator

    Don, did that about 10 years for same reasons. Closed up the spillover hole and installed the smallest AB evaporator plate that would fit in the side wall of the fridg and hung the compressor in the wet locker adjacent to the fridg. Left the existing unit in the freezer. Works great, but you...
  6. sailor420

    Companionway Hatch Leak

    I know when a wash the cockpit and rinse off the hatch I will find water below. I believe it is a result of water flowing over the edge of the hatch that is in the aluminum channel as a result of coefficient of friction.
  7. sailor420

    Electrical Panel Manufacturer

    In our 2000 420 the electrical panel was made by Ultra Panel, 305-888-7109. Suspect yours was too.
  8. sailor420

    H34 Hot Water Heater Breaker Amps?

    15 amps
  9. sailor420

    1997 420 Passage

    Chances are it is located on the electrical distibution panel as part of the level control gages for waste tanks (Wema)
  10. sailor420

    1983 H34 Main AC Circuit Breaker Replacement

    I recently had to replace ours on our 420. Yours may not be the same but the original we had was an airpax UPG666-27824-1, 3 pole 30 amp with reverse polarity circuit with white middle switch. Get a hold of Custom Marine Services, Give them the part# of yours and they should be...
  11. sailor420

    Electrial Question

    Don and Senang, that is true but at 11.7. It then continues to try to restart. It is not good for the batteries nor the fridge and freezer.
  12. sailor420

    Electrial Question

    We run our fridg and freezer 247. When we loose shore power from a storm or something our batteries are not being recharged by the charger and if the power is off for a prolonged time the batteries die due to the draw from the fridg and freezer. I am looking for away to prevent this. I want to...
  13. sailor420

    The Curse of the Red Button

    Thanks, I thought that was what you were referring to, but wasn't sure
  14. sailor420

    The Curse of the Red Button

    Art, great idea By a Xmas tree drill are you referring to a tapered drill as used in countersinking wood screw as a pilot hole and then finishing off with correct size for the button? If not, a procedure with picture or pictures of the drill bit would be helpful. Thanks
  15. sailor420

    Dang-blasted cooling pump for fridge!

    We also have a 2000 420. When we got it new it came from the factory with a fresh water cooled fridg. It was nothing but trouble. The small 12v dc pump would always burn out due to sediment buildup in the water line leading to the compressor. Finally got feed up and replaced the compressor with...
  16. sailor420

    Vacu flush heads not holding vacuum

    There is also an o-ring in the peddle that could lead to loss of vacuum. Also the vacuum gauge could of gone bad.
  17. sailor420

    How to pull engine on a 420

    Hope I never have to it! My impression is that that the back wall of engine room as well as hanging locker needs to be disassembled and engine comes out through the companonway. I believe genset needs to come out also to get engine out. Call Hunter
  18. sailor420

    Running AC off inverter generator on Hunter 410

    Don If I understand you, if all breakers on the 120v side are off and you plug the Honda into the outside connection everything is alright. You then turn on the main 120v bus breaker, leaving all other breakers on that side off, and it trips? If thats the case I would look at the bus breaker as...
  19. sailor420

    Hunter 410, 1999/Freezer

    Wolf That shouldn't be the case if yours is anything like ours. Most of the 410's are set up the same way as the 420's. We just replaced our plate due to small leak and it wasn't a big deal. Ours is also a U shaped plate, but even if it wasn't, by removing the pull up lid you will have complete...
  20. sailor420

    Three water tanks on P420

    The valves should be under the table settee next to the TV if it is like our 2000.