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  1. tkwhalen

    Wind Generator Shopping

    I've begun wind generator shopping research reading etc. My main objective is spread out the time between generator runs allowing for a longer over night sleep. I have 2 frigs and 2 freezers on board running them along with my anchor light and cabin fans I hit 11.9 volts about 6AM after going to...
  2. tkwhalen

    Ok Kids Help me solve a disagreement

    Attached are 2 pictures of the companion way doors on our boat. In one you can see the latch at the bottom that holds the doors shut as you close the companion way and latch it. In the other you can see a block with it cove routered into it. To set up the question properly my wife hates leaning...
  3. tkwhalen

    49 Owners and probably other large boat owners

    Can anyone explain the automated switch that won't allow shore power to engage and therefore cuts off battery charging if your battery amps fall below 8 amps. The circuit will only let shore power engage after an independent battery charger is brought aboard plugged in by 2 miles of extension...
  4. tkwhalen

    Mast Wiring Connections

    Hunter used a 10 connection terminal block screwed to a panel that is above a v-berth closet. To access it you need to remove and work through a small panel in the top of the closet. It sounds easy but it is a major pain to bend squirm and make connections in a dark space through panel barely...
  5. tkwhalen

    Swim Ladder Change

    Ok so due to covid we are spending a lot more time on the boat (great way to social distance) and a lot more time anchored out and swimming. My wife has decided that she hates the swim ladder that came with the boat. It is the three step collapsible model that I am sure is on many Hunter models...
  6. tkwhalen

    Refrigerators used by Hunter

    General Hunter Refrigeration Question Have a small and large front opening refrigerator on my 2007 Hunter 49 and they are getting to the point where they are struggling to maintain proper temperature. Has any one recharged the units with new refrigerant? and if so did you find a recharging...
  7. tkwhalen

    Tank Sizes Hunter 49

    All the specs I see list capacities in total. The boat holds 200 gallons of water in three tanks and 52 gallons of waste (black water) in two tanks. Does any one know the capacities by tank? Water: Forward Port ... ? Aft Port ...? Starboard ... ? Total ... 200 Waste: Forward Head ... ? Aft...
  8. tkwhalen

    Water Distribution Manifold

    My boat has the wine frig option which has a low temperature designed for wine and not near cold enough for the way i prefer my beer. So I am thinking of replacing it with the ice maker option. Does anybody know what brand and model ice maker Hunter originally installed in the 49? It would mean...
  9. tkwhalen

    Looking for a Hunter 49/50 starboard stern rail

    if anybody knows where I can get one used or new let me know
  10. tkwhalen

    Calling on all you creative types

    ok so here is the deal I have a 49 which is 49'11" overall with a 50 amp power connection in the back therefore it takes 2 50 amp power cords to reach the dock power supply in the front of my slip. Each cords weighs about 130 pounds (ok that may be an exaggeration I've never actually weighed...
  11. tkwhalen

    High water alarm short circuit - Hunter 49

    My high water alarm for the past year or so has gone off randomly. (Of course I'm never there to experience it which if I was I may have more clues) It either stops after a few minutes or some one from the marina plays with the float switch and it shuts off. There has never been high water in...
  12. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 owners save me from tearing up my headliner

    soooo there are two speakers in the forward cabin above the v-berth ... they don't show up in the owners manual schematic .... they aren't attached to the dvd player, tv, or the bose system and I don't see any dangling unattached wires near any of them either .... any body know what they were...
  13. tkwhalen

    Hey 49 owners - call me stupid but

    I can't figure out how to lower the dinette table into a double berth. I had assumed I would lift the table up off it's support posts... remove the posts and set the table back down on the wood lip around the front edge of the seats.... add the cushion I haven't figured out where to store yet...
  14. tkwhalen

    Hunter 49 Glossy Laminate Floor Repair

    I have the glossy laminate floor in my 49 and in several places there are discolored areas that look like water stains on finished wood. They are like looking through a thin milky white water spot. Any body else have these??... and has any one found a way to repair them ?? I also have a few...
  15. tkwhalen

    Interior Finish 2007 Hunter 49?

    Hunter used Daly's Sea Fin and Pro Fin products to finish interior wood in the past but the finish in my 2007 Hunter 49 seems to have a glossier sheen then those products. Anybody know which other products they may have been using? Also, as long as you are pondering I was thinking of using...
  16. tkwhalen

    OK calling on all 12 volt geniuses

    I recently purchased from this fine site a replacement light fixture. The new fixture is LED and the old was CCF. When I pulled the old one out to install the LED I found three wires vs. my expectation of two wires (positive & negative). When I called Hunter they said the third wire is there for...
  17. tkwhalen

    What is your tried and true way of chasing down leaks?

    I have three or four leaks to chase down back to the source of the leak; and I'm searching for the most successful way folks have found to do that. For example people say use food coloring and it will show you. Well food coloring is great for showing me where the water flows from the place you...
  18. tkwhalen

    All winter to determine my approach to this bow repair

    So after grinding sanding and prepping I'm wondering thick I can go with each layer to fill this grand canyon ??? whether to use vinyl or epoxy resin ?? Gel coat or paint??? how far to go with filler mixed with fibers vs layers of cloth??? which fibers to use ??? which hardner to use ...
  19. tkwhalen

    We need more RV's and the general public to

    We need more RV's and the general public to buy more specialty marine products to hopefully drive competition and more reasonable prices. Recently I have been shopping for a stern rail motor mount for my oddly spaced 1 1/4 inch stern rail. The only one I can find that will work is the Edson...
  20. tkwhalen

    Edson Wheel Leather

    Has anyone replaced the leather on their Edson wheel using the leather kit Edson sells? If so how hard is it to get it tight and professional looking like the factory job? and as you answer keep in mind I have no sewing or craft skills.