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    Pressure washer with lake water

    I was wondering if anyone has ran their pressure washer off of lake water before? Was an extra pump needed to provide some water pressure or will a short piece of hose suffice?
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    Idle to high when cold but too low when hot

    I have a two cycle 1996 Evinrude Yachttwin 9.9. The PO said it had been sitting around a while before I bought it. When I installed it it refused to idle so I turned the idle speed up using the remote throttle/shift control because someone had cut the tiller throttle for whatever reason...
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    A Bunch of Free Service Manuals for Download

    Looks like a mix of outboard and motor boat inboard manuals manuals
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    Who wants a slushie!?

    It's semi sweet, tastes better than paint chips and it's sitting in my bilge right now! I dropped my boat off at a shop for some winter prep and storage last week. Today I weaseled my way through the tiny hole in the shrink wrap to check on the cabin. I found a pinkish slushie inside the bilge...
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    Holes in keel

    I have a shoal keel that's 4-6' long. I had to do repairs last year after water froze and cracked the outer casing. How many holes would you recommend drilling to allow any potential water to drain out?
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    Choke solenoid on start position?

    Currently there is a separate button for choking my little inboard. If the solenoid was wired to the start terminal of the ignition could it cause issues with warm starts? It's a two stroke
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    Trailering with Outboard

    I have a 9.9 on the back of my O'Day 25. The transom has 1.5" of wood plus some glass covering an area roughly 18x18". If I use a ratchet strap from the base of the stern rail to somewhere on the motor or mount could I leave it on there while trailering?
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    How to remove BedIT?

    I applied a generous amount of BedIT to an outboard bracket that I had to remove. It stuck to the transom really well. What's the best solution to use that wont hurt the gelcoat?
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    A slipery slope...

    I pulled my O'Day 25 out for a few days earlier this year on a new to me trailer. The trailer has a keel bunk with PVC side rails and four sets of rollers to keep the boat upright. The previous owner put a new 1,200 lbs winch on it just before I bought it. The winch ended up bending and I wasn't...
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    My design for a mast raising system

    After studying many different designs I came up with my own. My goal was to design something that was stable, universal (or easily adaptable), relatively fast to setup and can be built with standard tools in an afternoon. Feedback is encouraged. Gin Pole The image below is designed to start/end...
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    Yet another mast stepping thread... Great design. Looking for hardware input

    I came across this design. I love the simplicity and stability of it. What would you use to connect the metal together at the apex as well as the hinged feet? Klacko Spars Ltd. of OAKVILLE!!! Celebrating 50 Years of Business!!
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    Back to the basics

    My head leaked the first time it was used. Without hesitation I tossed in the dumpster. I picked up a Dometic SaniPottie 975MSD along with some Saniflex hose. Upon installation I noticed the following: The porta potti has a 90 degree fitting coming off the back for pump out which would require...
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    Where to find folding winch handles?

    I'm interested in a folding winch handle for my mast mounted winch. So far this is the only reasonably priced one I could find but I'm not sure if it will fit a standard winch. It would obviously need to be cut down but I'm ok with that. Lever Maneuver Handle Winch Curtains Sun 00155MC MM.150...
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    Jib, car and winch layout for O'Day 25

    After months of work my O'Day 25 is finally on the water. I solo sailed on Saturday and then we went out for half a day on Sunday. Nothing broke! I had to double check the placard to make sure I was sailing an O'Day! While nothing broke I did run into a few issues. My furler kept jamming. The...
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    Hauling/Launching Trailered Boats with a Strap or Rope

    My 2wd truck was slipping like crazy at the ramp. I've heard of many people launching/retrieving with the trailer connected to the tow vehicle by a strap or line. I've done this with a smaller boat and the trailer jack wheel to support the tongue. What do you use to support the tongue of heavier...
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    What's the worst thing that could leak onto your sails?

    I think I found the answer to that question last night when the head leaked onto my spinaker! Wow! That is one foul stench of urine! I almost wish it had been a cat that pee'd on it! I currently have it soaking in a tub of water and Oxyclean as I understand that places like Sailcare use a...
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    Did this seriously just clog my carb!?

    I topped off all the jerry cans and inboard tank before heading out this weekend. I have a 12 gallon inboard for my old OMC saildrive. I poured enough oil in there for 4 gallons while pumping gas. Unfortunately I was only able to get about 3-3.5 gallons in there before the tank was full. We...
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    Maintaining line tension for furler

    I just setup the first furler I've ever owned and the first thing I realized is that it's difficult to maintain consistent tension on the lines while furling or unfurling. How is this normally done?
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    SailMaster/Yachtwin 9.9 Remote Control

    I just picked up a Evinrude Yachtwin 9.9. It came with the tiller throttle cable cut and a remote control. I don't have the electric start wired up at the moment. It's difficult to get it running as I can't give it extra throttle when starting. I don't think it has a primer solenoid. Would this...
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    Outboard VS Tank Elevation

    I'm installing an outboard since my inboard needs more repairs than I have time for. It has a tank installed that sits fairly low. I plan on using the inboard tank. Should I be concerned about the difference in elevation between the tank and outboard? There is an electric fuel pump installed if...