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  1. Bosman

    Need for speed

    I found this on the german website. This little thing will apparently do 30 knots. @Jackdaw - would this be fast enough for you? No cabin, but you would need a longer lake quickly ;-) This is from last year and might have been posted already, fun to watch nevertheless.
  2. Bosman

    Coast 250 - power sailor from UK. S

    I am not into power sailors. Not my cup of tea. With that in mind, I run onto this new boat out of UK - Coast 250 by Swallow Yachts. I have to say it is surprisingly refreshing and not bad looking at all. The company must have been following closely the demise of MacGregor/Tatoo line and at...
  3. Bosman

    Broker recommendation required

    A good friend of mine is looking to purchase a sailing yacht 27-29ft in US and transport this new (used) vessel to Canada. He knows what he wants so it is a matter of finding a good broker to represent his interests and work with him. For those of you who used a broker in the past and had good...
  4. Bosman

    Check your keels

    Some of you might already know Paulo's blog - if not, there are plenty of very interesting reading materials to go over. This one, should be mandatory for any keel boat owner - while majority of boat owners do look after their vessels and maintain and service the boats pro-actively, some others...
  5. Bosman

    War Thunder ground forces

    Anyone indulged in RB battles? Could use a squad mate every now and then.
  6. Bosman

    US towing permits

    I have a question - in Canada it is possible to purchase an annual towing permit for boats that are over 8-6 and below 10 feet in width. Such permit is valid within one province, for example Alberta. For an individual boat owner (not company), is there something similar available in the US?
  7. Bosman

    Monohulls with inverted bows

    Seems the trend is catching on. Perhaps this may be old news, but the Spanish Sarch S7 is joining the inverted bow club (TES 246 Versus, FarEast 28). Looks very neat and may cause increased blood flow to those, who prefer conservative "traditional looks" of boats. Will this boat join the...
  8. Bosman

    Fresh bottom paint - waiting to launch...

    This was one ugly job that I really didn't want to get myself to. But it was inevitable, as after last season there was fair amount of growth - old antyfouling was 5 seasons old. The worst part was wet sanding - 220 grit, slow, wet but well worth three evening under the boat. While the old...
  9. Bosman

    TES 246 Versus - coming to Canada in 2nd half of 2016 I think I got very good motivator to put up our S27 for sale towards the end of this sailing season. We spent weekends on the water, as opposed day-sailing, so this might be good candidate. I generally prefer modern designs as opposed to the "classics" and this one really stands out of...
  10. Bosman

    Dodger - Bimini Connector

    Hi all! I plan to make dodger-bimini connector over the hard water season. While I do very much have an idea as to how to make it and how I want it to function, I am looking for input of those of you, who already have such connector on your boats. My main question is about the attachment...
  11. Bosman

    sailcloth weight question

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. This might be an awkward questions, but coming from a metric land where 1 metre is 1 metre, I'd like to clear some confusion I am experiencing: Is sailcloth weight quoted from US based loft based on the English square yard (36" x 36") or the the...
  12. Bosman

    Question for Yamaha 8T and 9.9T owners

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I am looking for information on distance from the centre of the prop hub to the underside of cavitation plate for Yamaha high thrust models 8T and 9.9T. Also, prop diameter (high thrust models only). If you can help, please post the information. Cheers!
  13. Bosman

    Wing sail - new and revolutionary, or is it?

    For those of you who watch America's Cup, you most likely remember how the BMW Oracle trimaran used for the first time wing sail and won the race. It was then called "new revolutionary design"....or was it? Take a look at this black and white video from 1938. Yes, 1938. It shows ice boat...
  14. Bosman

    Sailboat being build...or born

    While this is not my boat, nor I know the owner of this vessel, these photos have been posted on another forum showing progress of semi-custom build-up of Phobos 25 sailiboat at the factory. It all starts as an empty hull The white ring on the port is the chimney for Truma forced air...
  15. Bosman

    Ideal trailerable sailboat - theoretical approach

    Hi all, Let's face it. Currently there are not really that many choices when it comes to NEW trailerable sailboats on the market in North America. It is a specific niche, we have a lot of boats which are ageing and loosing their appeal and looks as boat styling and design is changing. I...