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  1. BobH57

    H34 buy or not...

    Years ago there was a gentleman in my marina that sailed his Hunter 34 in the Annapolis to Bermuda Race a number of times. Nobody died and the boat always made it to Bermuda and back, but folks rarely crewed with him twice on that race. That H34 was a tough boat, though!
  2. BobH57

    Charging house batteries

    I encountered a similar problem a few years ago where the engine alternator was charging the start battery but not the house banks. Turned out to be a bad solenoid in the charging circuit, about a $35 replacement on Amazon.
  3. BobH57

    Kitchen faucet

    I initially bought one of those t-handle faucet wrenches to remove the single nut mounting my old faucet, but had zero luck with that. I ended up working the copper tubing back and forth until it broke off near the nut, then used a deep socket with a long extension to remove the nut. I believe...
  4. BobH57

    Navigation Setup

    Yakker 2 port NMEA to WiFi Bridge by Yakbitz. Just installed it today, connecting GPS/AIS outputs from my GX2200. Works great, allowing me to show boat position and AIS targets on PCs running OpenCPN, iPad running Aqua Map, and Android tablet running Navionics- all simultaneously from anywhere...
  5. BobH57

    Navigation Setup

    I've cruised from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas and back using OpenCPN on a small touch screen laptop for navigation. It receives GPS and AIS from a Standard Horizon GX2200 vhf, and works great. Recently I've switched to running Aqua Map on an iPad Air due to AM's incorporation of Active...
  6. BobH57

    Looking for boat bike ideas?

    I actually have a Schwinn Loop folding bike with 20" wheels that does pretty well. In black, it's around $300 on Amazon (other colors are higher).
  7. BobH57

    Looking for boat bike ideas?

    Afraid I'd hurt myself on a scooter that can go 31 mph.......
  8. BobH57

    41DS Charger/ Inverter Replacement

    The original Freedom 20 Inverter/Charger on my '99 410 died this past fall, and I replaced it with a Xantrex Freedom XC 2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger purchased on Amazon at With the separate...
  9. BobH57

    Best orbital sander? (I’ve got 11 bottoms to paint!)

    I went with Porter Cable because it attaches directly without need of adapters to my small Shop-Vac. No regrets.
  10. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    You're welcome. I thought I should mention that the actual dimensions of the Starboard for the jerry jugs are 8' x 5.5" x .75" (I measured).
  11. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    I think Garhauer has a couple of standard sizes, with mine being the tallest at 66" with 42" arm length. A I mentioned earlier in this thread, once I had installed the uprights, I measured the distance between them. Garhauer then supplied a raised crossbar that clamps onto the forward edge of...
  12. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    I went with Garhauer's tallest standard davits in order to maintain the ability to walk under them when the boat is stern-in at a slip (again, the dinghy lives on the foredeck when in a slip or during ocean passages). I found my notes from 2018 when I was working on the davit project: I dealt...
  13. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    Mark, I still have the single 340 watt solid frame solar panel on the davits. I added two additional flexible 100 watt solar panels to my bimini top to upgrade total solar capacity to 540 watts.
  14. BobH57

    Hunter 28.5 Fixture aft of jib/genoa winch?

    I had a Hunter 28.5 back in the late 80's/early 90's (great boat!) and I'm thinking those are probably cam cleat mounts for the jib sheets.
  15. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    I recently installed a couple of flexible solar panels on the aft end of the bimini, and was able to squeeze between the davit-mounted panel and the arch while installing them.
  16. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    Sorry for the delayed response (I was not getting notifications for this thread). My davits are from Garhauer, and measure 66" tall at the mounting upright and about 9" taller on the outside. My first post photo shows how the feet are mounted, and yes, I did have to remove the cup holders from...
  17. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    You're welcome, although somehow I believe you were confusing my reply and photo with Rich's. Here's a link to one of the videos I made during my Bahamas trip in 2018/19, which does a pretty good job of showing the visibility astern with my Achilles dinghy hanging in the davits. My davits appear...
  18. BobH57

    Davits and Solar Panels

    I looked at davits from Martek, Kato, and Garhauer- ended up going with Garhauer and couldn't be more pleased with them. Their standard height was perfect for maintaining the "walk-through" aspect of the stern, and they were also able to provide the cross-bar for mounting the forward edge of the...
  19. BobH57

    49 Owners and probably other large boat owners

    Do you actually mean 8 volts instead of 8 amps? What model is your inverter/charger? Some will not charge below a specific depth of discharge.
  20. BobH57

    Autopilot for 30T

    If you're a bit of a geek, the cheapest route would be Raspberry Pi with Pypilot. Check for videos on YouTube regarding this. Otherwise, CPT would be the next least expensive. CPT Autopilot Inc.