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    Performance with a keel

    I will in the next couple of years be looking for a smaller sport boat with a keel, one in which in a pinch I could overnight at an anchorage occasionally. One of the new Beneteau or Jenneau sport boats would fit the bill, being ocean capable, but are far out of the price range. Capri 22 and...
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    37 Cutter Portlights

    Three times I have replaced the lense of the portlight over the galley stove. This particular opening seems to break readily and I am tired of wasting money on the Grey/Pompanettes. I am considering a Newfound Metals Tri Matrix. Has anyone in the 37C community had experience with these? Opinions?
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    Hook and Loop

    My Hunter came with hard, plastic backed hook to hold the settee backs in place. Now warn out. Time to replace but a source is elusive. The material is like a batten, about two inches wide, covered on one side with velcro-like hook. Another item which would work is hard backed circles of hook...
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    Forward hatch

    Any 37C owners have ready access to the interior (liner) dimensions of the forward hatch over the V-berth?
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    Edson Pedestal Clamp

    Recently had a machine screw fall out of my pedestal (1981), the upshot being that now my shifter and throttle levers move up and down with the wheel turning and one needs to hold one lever in position to adjust the other, or the two just move together. So far, just an inconvenience but it is...
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    Looking at a 24

    I am about to look at an available Oday 24 which interests a friend. I understand these were well built boats. Anything of interest particular to this model which should be checked out or inspected? I am aware that any older boat may have wet deck, faded gelcoat, spider cracks, ancient wiring...
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    37C Whisker Pole

    Need to get a telescoping whisker pole for my H37C. Assuming the original yankee headsail, any suggestions for pole length when sailing wing-on-wing or broad reaching? Also, the quick running rigging calculator on this site lists the 37C line sizes and lengths but does not include the staysail...
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    Toerail core

    Anyone know what species of wood was used in the Catalina 34 (1986) toerail/bulwork as a core? I am repairing a boat with major cracking beneath the outboard genoa track and the core is saturated. If noone knows the wood used originally, any suggestions on what would be suitable?
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    Deck recore from below

    I have undertaken a major restoration project on a powerboat. The entire foredeck is being recored using balsa. The bottom skins have been removed and the new core material bonded in. Any suggestions from those with experience for laminating the new glass to the underside of the new core? Vacuum...
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    Pulling the Stick

    Getting ready to pull the mast for the winter. I doubt if it has been out of the boat since 1981 and this is a first for me with this boat. Questions - Is there anything besides corrosion holding the mast onto the base plate down in the bilge? Obviously the bolt at the mast partners has to come...
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    VHF coax

    Question for those experienced who have removed the mast track to service their wiring race: is the vhf coax antenna cable bundled with the light wires or does it run separately? Any recommendations for make or size of new vhf coax?
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    Portlight lense springs

    I am in the midst of replacing a Grey portlight lense. Is there a trick to installing those pesky little springs? Doesn't matter how many coffees I have, I can't get them in. May have to switch to something stronger.
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    Autopilot Revenge

    I recently replaced my water pressure pump. Now, if I am on autopilot (Raymarine 4000) and I turn on the water, the boat takes of hard to starboard. Somewhat disconcerting to say the least. I don't believe this is an issue of current surge or depletion as I have also tested it at the dock on...
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    Prop Size

    I need a new propeller for my H37C. Will be a three blader, either a feathering or a folder. Flex-i-fold recommends a 15X12 and is around $2000. However, I do have the opportunity to purchase a used 17" Max prop for around $1400. The Max's pitch can be adjusted. My concern is the larger...
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    Cutter for sale

    Check out this 37C on Ebay. Looks like a well fitted boat. Would love to bid on her but I really don't need another boat in my life! Also...
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    Engine Angle

    When I installed the new diesel in my H37C, the installation manual made it clear that the slope of the engine must not exceed 17 degrees (fore and aft). I suppose this has something to do with oil pickup. Seems to me that after alignment, the motor is pretty slanted. Haven't tried to get a...
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    Besides the stink factor, what are the differences between rubber sanitation hose (Trident premium), wet exhaust hose (not carrying exhaust gasses) and premium rubber water hose? All are designed to take pressure. Other than stink, is there any reason they are not interchangeable?
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    Staysail sheeting

    My 37C staysail sheet comes down the port gunwale to a cleat mounted on the outer side of the cockpit. Upwind in a blow it is impossible to sheet it tight enough without a winch to reduce twist and leech flutter to a reasonable level. Other than vanging the jibboom, any creative solutions to...
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    Bilge Batteries

    Has anyone actually put a set of six volt batteries in the bilge of a 37C? I want to install 4 Trojan 105's and a group 27 start battery. If so, any photos? (None on the photo or mods forums) Any help welcome. Particularly, latitudinal or longitudinal orientation? How many in which compartment...
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    New sails

    Just put on my new Lee sails. Haven't tried them yet but they sure do look shiny, white and slippery! Now I have to install lazy jacks!