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    Z-spar gooseneck: repair or replace

    I ordered a reef hook from rigrite but I can't fit it without taking the gooseneck off the mast. It looks like I have the "old style" gooseneck where the vertical pins are a part of the gooseneck itself and it is mounted to the mast with two separate brackets (one top and one bottom). After...
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    new boat owner, how do I use the batter selector/shore power/generator?

    I recently purchased an O'Day 272 and I don't know what process I am supposed to follow for the electrical system. I am hoping it is relatively standard and that some of you might be able to help me get oriented. Here are the components in play: Shore power. Seems like a standard cable. The...
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    272 mainstream options

    I bought a 272 last week and find the mainsheet... odd. Going through the manual and looking at pictures of other boats, it seems that the mainsheet really is intended to lead to the clutch on the top of the cabin. It seems really difficult to trim the main, particularly things like dumping...