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    Window gaskets

    After considerable searching, this worked perfectly. Had to buy a 100' roll. used 20'. Selling the rest. PM if interested in buying the rest.
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    Window gaskets

    @jssailem That's correct. They used "vinyl glazing channels", same as camper trailers of the era. Robert at has been very helpful Steve at turned me on to DK Hardware (search: vinyl glazing channel) Still trying to pin down the exact one, but...
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    Window gaskets

    Anybody know where to get OEM-ish window seals? On the left is the original. On the right is the closest made by Pompanette. Great Lakes Skipper & like 4 other companies couldnt find one.
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    Compression post

    72/73 Balboa 20 How exactly do you remove the compression post? Particularly the bottom Is there a bolt coming up from the bottom inside the keel trunk?