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    Replacing wheel nut, C&C 30 Mk1

    I recently bought a 1973 C&C 30 Mk 1, but the wheel nut has been lost during transport. Does anyone know where I could source a replacement? I’ve measured the shaft as 3/4”-10. Edson Marine appears to sell them (Stainless Steel Wheel Nut - 3/4"-10 Shaft Threads) but I called and they said it’s...
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    Drilling holes in C&C 30 spreaders - safe?

    I recently drilled two 3/16" holes in each the spreaders on my 1973 C&C 30 to mount some new LED spreader lights. Should I be concerned with the structural integrity of them in any way? I didn't think about it until I had already drilled the holes and riveted the LED lights in. I should have...