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    Galley Cabinet Removal: Rebedding Leaking Starboard sail track

    Been a monsoon here in Oklahoma. Found 2” of water in the galley bins. As I have re bedded most of the penetrations on the cabin top, I’m suspecting the sail track and probably both stanchions. Anyone delt with this on a Catalina 310?
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    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    On 2004, Hull #281, I have a triple instrument pod with Raymarine T 60(I think) speed, wind and depth from port to starboard. I just picked up a wheel pilot and have some questions. 1.Considering removing the speed display and using the location for the P70 autopilot control head. Comments? 2...
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    AC Condensate Drain Oprion

    Looking for ideas for condensate drain not into the bilge. The anchor locker seems like an option as it is just forward of the AC unit which is under the forward bed. What works for you?
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    Converting “Dry Box” to Freezer?

    Anyone converted the “Dry Box” next to the current fridge to a separate freezer compartment with a spillover to the current fridge? If so, did you use the existing Cold Machine and evaporator?
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    Relocating and recharging Cold Machine

    I’m our new to us 2004 C310, the fridge was not working. I could hardly get my phone back there to even take a picture of what I was dealing with. No way to really diagnose the unit so I tried to disconnect the lines and take it out. The larger suction line fitting came apart fine, but the...