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  1. sailor420

    anchor light

    Well, I need to replace the Aqua Signal series 50 bulb on our 2000 H420. The bulb is not the question. Its how the lens comes apart to replace the bulb? Are special tools needed? Its the first time in 19 years that its needed changed so I haven't given much thought as to what's up there! Any...
  2. sailor420

    Electrial Question

    We run our fridg and freezer 247. When we loose shore power from a storm or something our batteries are not being recharged by the charger and if the power is off for a prolonged time the batteries die due to the draw from the fridg and freezer. I am looking for away to prevent this. I want to...
  3. sailor420

    Stainless Steel Fabricator

    I have a new radome and it will require some modification of my exsisting mast support. The support is down. Does anyone know who could do this type of work in the greater Philadelphia area or upper Chesapeake?
  4. sailor420

    San Fransisco, Americas Cup

    OK you San Fransisco sailors. We will be in San Fransisco during some of the cup races and want to know where a good public vantage point to view them would be?
  5. sailor420

    windless removal

    I have to remove my windless from the shelf in the anchor well for reconditioning. My question is how is the best way to separate it from the deck without damaging the gelcoat? I have heard of using a cable wire saw as used for for cutting PVC pipe, but have never used one and don't know if...
  6. sailor420

    raw water impeller

    Is there a better way to remove a raw water impeller from its pump housing than with brute force and a pair of needle nose pliers?
  7. sailor420

    Marinas for Williamsburg/Busch Gardens, VA

    Panning on a trip down the bay and a visit to Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. Need some recommendations of nice marinas in York River and probably the James, unless there are better alternatives that I am not aware of. Thanks
  8. sailor420

    Knapps Narrows

    Has anyone used Knapps Narrows this season? What conditions did you find?
  9. sailor420

    Hunter site

    Phil, Having a problem accessing recent posts. Site map box does not disappear when forum box is clicked to scroll down to recent posts. Probably a better place to ask this, but couldn't find it.
  10. sailor420

    remote vhf mic

    I am looking to upgrade my vhf to DCS and want to incorporate a remote mic at the helm. Has anyone used the Uniden Wham and if so what was your experience? The reason I am looking at the wireless mic is that I am not sure I can fit the wire of a wired mic with its connector thru the pedistal...
  11. sailor420

    Marine store

    Need suggestion for good marine store with a good selection of foul weather gear in the Ft Lauderdale or Miami area. Would WM be a choice? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. sailor420

    Marine Refrigeration

    Has anyone had any experience with dealing with for refrigeration parts especially for replacement modules for the danfoss compressor Thanks
  13. sailor420

    North Carolina Cruise

    We are planning a 2 week cruise to the Albermarle and possibly the Panlico Sound in June and would like some ideas as to where to visit and spend most of our time. I have traveled the ICW, but have never ventured off of it, so any place would be new. It may be to much to include the Panlico, but...
  14. sailor420

    Lost, Help

    On Jan 1 I lost all activity from the end of Dec as well as my thread tracker. Why? In addition I can't reset my thread tracker. Help!
  15. sailor420

    Inflatable repair

    I need to make a few repairs to my Zodiac (PVC) and need some good sources for adhisive and patches. I have tried the WM, Defender and the like without results. Anyone have some good sources?
  16. sailor420

    Fire Island

    We are planing a trip to Block Island via the south shore of Long Island next summer and would like to stop at Fire Island. What facilities are there and what are the waters like, we draw 5.5 feet. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. sailor420

    Knapps Narrows

    We are planning a trip to Oxford, MD and haven't been through Knapps Narrows in awhile. What is the condition of the channel, we draw 5'5". Is there anything we should lookout for? Thanks