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    Jib furler on Hunter 356

    Hi folks, I took my 356 to the yard last week to pull the stick and remove all the standing rigging to be redone. While it's down I also plan to update the anchor/steaming light fixture, replace the wind instrument, add radar and replace the VHF cable. I spoke to the yard yesterday and they...
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    3GM30F runs rough when starting

    My Yanmar is running very rough for about 5 seconds after starting then smooths out: It started doing this immediately after I replaced throttle and shift cables, replaced coolant hoses, replaced fresh water pump, and removed injection pump access plate to clean/lubricate the throttle lever. I...
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    Time to replace standing rigging

    I have a 2003 356 with the original standing rigging. I've never gone through replacing standing rigging so I could use some advice. I'd love to just hand it off to the boatyard and have it done, but I'd like to save a few bucks if possible (not at the expense of safety or quality of course.)...
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    356 water heater hose

    Discovered this chafe on the water heater hoses while working on some unrelated maintenance. I checked the Hunter plumbing SOP and it doesn't indicate a length for these. Does anyone know how much replacement hose I should order?
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    356 Jib sheet keeps getting caught in the rigging

    Anyone have this happen? It's only on my starboard side and happens almost every time we tack.
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    Eight month old water pump has changed colors

    Replaced the water pump on my 3GM30F last winter. Was doing some maintenance today and saw that it's turned green rather quickly. Cause for concern?
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    Replacing subfloor on 356 / 36 from water heater leak

    I purchased my boat with a soft subfloor in the aft cabin and around the bottom of the cabin steps, presumably from a leaking water heater. At some point during the last year the leak started again at one of the elbow fittings. The floor was now noticeably worse, so I went ahead and ripped out...
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    Leaking Sea-Tech water radiator in 2003 Hunter

    Noticed yesterday that I have a pretty bad leak on the water radiator located under the galley sink in my 356. I can't seem to find much information about this part outside of the Hunter SOP. Are these quick release like the other fittings on the boat? I tried pushing up on the collar but it...
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    Troubleshooting an External Non-Contact Fluid Level Sensor on holding tank

    My Hunter 356 came with the below non-contact level sensor on the holding tank. My problem is that it only shows either empty or full and nothing in between. The system looks like it has some corrosion on it, but I'm not sure if that would cause these issues, or whether I just need replacement...
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    Companionway hatchboard lock

    My 356 did not come with the original lock, which appears to be this one here made by Southco: I just built new hatchboards made from 1/2" Starboard and am trying to figure out the best approach to installing a lock. Was thinking...
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    I have a broken strut on my 356

    Heard a clunking sound Wednesday night during beer cans coming from the propshaft area. Motored as little as possible to get back into the harbor and had a friend dive under to investigate. Broken strut. From what he described, sounds like it broke off near the hull and has the "fin" part...
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    Rebedding fixed portlight

    Continuing in my quest to rid the boat of leaks, I've been getting a good amount of water coming in through one of the fixed portlights on my 03 356. It's the starboard side portlight, aft of the bulkhead. I have water coming in from under the frame, as well as running down the liner and onto...
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    Rebedding companionway frame on 356

    Noticed I have a fair bit of water coming in through my companionway. The frame itself is dry, so it appears to be coming through the frame itself. Has anyone had to rebed this? Looks straightforward, but boat projects usually do until you get into the thick of it.
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    Trouble with AIS transmitter

    I'm struggling with the AIS transmitter on my vessel. She is a 2003 Hunter 356. The masthead antenna whip was recently replaced and is a GAM SS-2. The cabling is original as far as I know. I hooked the AIS unit to a laptop and ran ProAIS2. After two transmits it throws a VSWR fault, with values...
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    Installing air conditioning in 356 / 36

    Hello, We're considering installing air conditioning in our 356 in preparation for a future cruise to Mexico. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the factory install to help as a guide. I see some of the ductwork left by the factory, but wondering how it goes through the lockers, where the...
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    Chafe patches on mainsail - Hunter 356 / 36

    I'm adding chafe patches to a new mainsail on my 356. I have measurements from the boom to the spreaders, but I'm not sure about how big to make the actual patches, as far as height and length. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...
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    Prospective H356 purchase

    Had a H356 surveyed yesterday and the topic of the ball valve recall came up. The boat has "Marine Hardware" brand valves, but they have green handles unlike the blue one in the picture provided in the recall pamphlet. What did people generally receive as replacements? Edit: Received...
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    Yellowed cabin trim

    Hello, I have a 2000 Hunter 310 that has bits of plastic trim in the cabin -- around the portlights being the largest ones. They've all yellowed from age and are still functional, but I'm wondering if anyone has spruced these up. I know there are chemical concoctions that can re-whiten plastic...
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    Rebedding chainplates

    We've been getting a lot of rain lately and I've been getting a fairly significant amount of water on the port side interior of my Hunter 310. I'm not 100% certain because of limited visibility, but it looks to be coming from the chainplate. With the B&R rig, is it possible to safely rebed the...
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    New sails for Hunter 310, reefing lines, stack pack

    Just got new sails and took the opportunity to also add a stack pack/lazy bag setup. We came from a smaller boat with no furling headsail and a standard sail cover, so looking forward to hopefully more expedient sail handling time on the water. Anyone have advice for setting up the reefing...